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Chinese Year of the Ox 2021

2021 is the Chinese Year of the Ox 2021. The element of the Year is Metal, so this is the Chinese Year of the Metal Ox. The Chinese New Year starts Friday, February 12th, 2021. Find out what it means for your sign and what Feng Shui life areas are your strengths and weaknesses on this page.

The Chinese Horoscope is different from the Zodiacal Horoscope. Your sign is determined by the year you were born (and not by the month). If you don’t know your sign jump to that topic in the menu below. If you know your sign, share at the bottom of this page. 😊

A Feng Shui Cure for the Chinese Year of the Ox 2021

Year of the Ox Feng Shui Cure

In 2021, it’s auspicious (of good omen) to keep a representation of the Ox in your home.

Vibrational healer Bill Austin (our family’s “bedside healer”) and I created together this healing and clearing image for the sign of the Ox. I did the illustration inspired in Chinese paper cutting art and then filled it in with a vibrational healing abstract art painting that Bill created specifically for this purpose.

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The 12 Animals of Eastern Astrology (Chinese Horoscope)

Chinese Year of the Rat 2020

The animals of the Chinese Horoscope are:

  1. Rat
  2. Ox
  3. Tiger
  4. Rabbit
  5. Dragon
  6. Snake
  7. Horse
  8. Goat
  9. Monkey
  10. Rooster
  11. Dog
  12. Pig

The Story

Chinese Year of the Rat 2020

According to legend, long ago, when there was no way to keep track of time yet, the Jade Emperor (or Emperor of Heaven) called a contest for all the animals in the kingdom. The first 12 animals to arrive at the palace would have a place in the Chinese Horoscope. In order to get to the Emperor they had to cross a fast river.

The Ox was the first to get to the shore on the other side and out of kindness agreed to carry the rat on its back as it swan across the river.

Right before the Ox presented itself to the Emperor, the Rat jumped to the ground and arrived first.

The Tiger swam across and was third.

The Rabbit crossed the river by jumping from rock to rock and hence became the fourth animal.

The Dragon flew but was fifth because he stopped along the way to make rain and help all beings on Earth.

The Snake was sixth, but only because it had coiled itself around the horse’s hoof, and sprang up before it as the horse was arriving at the palace, so the horse became the seventh animal.

The Goat, the Monkey and the Rooster became the eight, ninth and tenth animals in the Chinese Horoscope, arriving all together after sharing a raft.

The Dog, even though it was the best swimmer of them all, was eleventh — it was muddy and it decided to take an extra-long bath when it got to the river.

Just as the emperor was about to call it a day, the Pig arrived. He had gotten hungry during the race, stopped to eat and then took a nap. It woke up with barely enough time to make it to the palace.

Each animal was assigned a year, and that was the beginning of time tracking.

Chinese Year of the Metal Ox 2021

In the year of the Ox, things advance slowly but surely. The contrast with the previous year, where everything moved fast and unexpectedly, is such that many people will feel impatient and betrayed when things don’t progress as expected. The Ox wants to be sure before proceeding, and for some signs this can be extremely boring.

It’s a good year to cultivate patience, but don’t fall into the common misconception that patience and boredom come together. The Ox favors hard work. While you are waiting for something to come to pass in the year of the Ox, direct your energy to other projects that interest you, and you will avoid frustration.

The animal for the previous year, the Rat, a very resourceful animal, a survivor, likes accuracy (think ledgers). And though the Rat likes to do hidden deals, once things come to light, they have to be accounted for. Time for a reckoning. 2020 was a year when people wanted accountability on all sides. Unfortunately, that led to violence because bad elements used the energy of the Rat to commit crimes or to advance aberrated ideologies.

People who try to carry over the strategies that worked for them in the year of the Rat are in for a surprise.

The Ox year wants all the travesties of the year of the Rat to end swiftly and for order to be restored. But the Ox isn’t interested in punishment or accountability. The Ox wants things to be done properly in the present, to plow ahead and not look back.

The Year of the Ox 2021 is a year where hard work will be rewarded more than resourcefulness or cunning. Those who will do better this year will be the people with the best work ethic.

In the story, the Ox was fooled by the Rat and, as a consequence, got second to the Emperor, when it should have been first. The Ox can be naive and too trusting.

This is a Metal Year, and the internal element of the Ox is Earth. Metal weakens Earth, so some of the qualities of the Ox will be diminished. The good intentions of the Ox may be slowed down or even stopped by people claiming righteousness, whether it’s justified or not.

When this happens, don’t despair. The energy of the Ox will prevail, but it just may take longer than initially expected.

It’s a yin year, so yielding will be more important than pushing through. The greatest risk here is that in an effort to keep order, opportunities may be lost.

In an Ox year, people are seen at face value. Gimmicks are of little help. The Ox wants to see correctness, and it wants honesty.

A strong connection with deep positive beliefs will help people of all signs do well in the year of the Ox. It’s a good time for a return to traditional values. The year of the Rat was a year for testing. The year of the Ox is a year for the proper execution of ideas, once the testing is done.

Below is an account of what each animal is like, and how this year will affect them.

Moni’s I-Ching Reading for the Chinese Year of the Ox 2021

What to Expect in the Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, by Sign.

The Animals, Sign by Sign, and What to Expect in the Chinese Year of the Ox 2021


Chinese Year of the Rat 2020

Many people in the West get disheartened to learn their Chinese Horoscope animal sign is a Rat, but in the East the Rat is not regarded as an animal to despise or a pest. It is considered an extremely intelligent and resourceful animal.

People with this sign tend to be very smart and cunning. They tend to do well with money and are generally good in business. They do have to watch out for a tendency to do hidden things instead of operating in the open, and the temptation of taking advantage of others who are not as bright.

Their strengths are in life areas 1 (Career, Life Mission and Individuality) because they are very focused on money making and 4 (Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth) because they like to accumulate.

They struggle with life areas 2 (Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships) because of their tendency to be selfish and 6 (Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel) because they can get too confident in their own abilities or become cynical about life.

Chinese Year of the Rat 2020, for You
Even though the Rat betrayed the Ox, there is no resentment here. The Ox just wants the Rat to behave. The Ox secretly admires the Rat’s audacity and survival instincts. You may get impatient this year because things don’t move as quickly as you would like. If you do your due diligence instead of trusting mainly on your instincts and cunning ideas you can get ahead and reap rewards. Do not take advantage of others if you want to create long term trust and relationships.

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The Ox is a very reliable animal, considered a work partner in ancient China.

People born in the Ox year tend to be very hard workers and dependable. They love to learn and are constantly studying, but are not known by their speed. They take their time and make sure that they really learn things correctly. Oxes avoid risk, a tendency that can hold them back and create boredom.

Oxes do well in life areas 2 (Marriage Relationship and Partnerships) because it is innate to them to cooperate and 6 (Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel) because they are people of strong faith and natural team players.

Oxes struggle with life area 1 (Career, Life Mission and Individuality), because they are not individualistic in nature, and not particularly interested in money. They have a hard time with life area 7 (Children, Creativity and Fun) because they see life more as work than play. They also struggle with life area 5 (Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude) because they believe that all fortune should come from hard work and they don’t believe in windfalls.

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
This year will be challenging for people born in the year of the Ox. Your vulnerabilities will be tested, and your strengths will be put into question. You may doubt your abilities and tend to withdraw from the world. Remember that sometimes it pays to take small risks. Don’t let boredom set in.

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Tigers are very powerful animals, both feared and admired. In Feng Shui the tiger represents the power of the Earth plane of existence, the instinctive part of the human soul.

People born in Tiger Years love rank and are big supporters of authority, policy and rules… for other people. They easily break the rules themselves and feel entitled to do so. They are fiercely independent, decisive, and quick to take action. They favor stimulation over intellectual pursuits, so they are good students of exciting subjects, but not of those that bore them. Tigers need to control their tendency to be impulsive and make harsh judgments. If you were born on a Tiger year, refrain from slashing out to your loved ones when you feel unhappy.

Tigers do great in the life areas associated with metal. Life area 6 (Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel) because they love to enforce rituals and laws. Life area 7 (Children, Creativity and Fun) because they like excitement.

Tigers struggle with life area 3 (Health, Family and Community) because they value their privacy and freedom. They also have a hard time with life area 8 (Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest) because it requires stillness and contemplation.

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
People born in the year of the Tiger enjoy challenges and are always ready to pick the next fight, to embark in the next battle. But the year of the Ox may not provide enough excitement for you. This is a good year to learn to enjoy simpler pleasures instead of always seeking peak experiences and emotions. Find a passion to follow, where you can channel your excessive energy to reap rewards at the end of the year, instead of wasting time and resources. Cultivate patience.

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The Rabbit is a very springy, active animal, who likes to be on the move. It is also very vulnerable.

People born in Rabbit years like to move around and not be still for long. They can have a kind of nervous energy that makes them appear jumpy. At the root of this, is the desire to be and feel safe. Rabbits can be very helpful and congenial when they feel safe, but when they feel threatened they can be underhanded or passive aggressive. This is because they don’t feel that they can win a fair fight. Rabbits both love to associate with, and resent, people who they perceive as stronger than them. If you were born in a Rabbit year you need to focus on your strengths rather than you weaknesses. Rabbits do best when in a group of similar people, who they perceive as equals. They can be great team players. They benefit from socializing in safe, known environments, but they also need their alone time.

Rabbits do well in life area 4 (Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth), mostly as a result of time and persistence rather than risk and cunning.

Rabbits see life area 9 (Fame, Reputation and Social Life) as a challenge because they have a hard time understanding rank or social classes/standing. Rabbits can struggle with life area 2 (Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships) because they tend to lean a bit too much on their partners and expect protection from them, often feeling resentful if the partner fails to provide comfort.

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
Both the Rabbit and the Ox are hesitant to start new things, including relationships, but they both seek the same comforts – reliability, peace, rituals and predictability. It will be easy for people born in the year of the Rabbit to feel comfortable in the year of the Ox. The downside is that you might feel so easy that you stay all the time in your comfort zone. This may prevent you from identifying opportunities. Push a bit on your boundaries to arrive at realizations and embark on projects that can be very satisfying to you with a little work. To be happy you need to stay alert. Complaisance is your enemy in the year of the Ox.

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Dragons are powerful, benevolent and beautiful. Their only problem is that they’re not real.

People born in Dragon years tend to be considered lucky all around. Things come easy to them. They are quick to learn and quick to execute, and very efficient. They like the unusual and they like to impress. Dragons are very stylish and usually turn heads when they arrive at any place. They love the attention. They are very generous with their money, time and effort, as long is it’s fun.

Dragons have to watch out for a tendency to want to only follow their own ideas and not accept advice from others. They also need to make sure that their need for novelty and excitement is tempered with good habits and routines to keep them well and healthy.

Dragons tend to do well in al life areas, but their luck can also turn quickly if they have not set good foundations for their projects and relationships. For example, they may start a business and do great, then lose it all over night because of some legal detail. Therefore Dragons do well to associate with people who are honest and have attention to detail.

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
The Dragon has a strong sense of adventure and a tendency to make impulsive decisions. The Ox doesn’t like either. The Ox likes what is expected and sticking to rituals, traditions and customs. People born in the year of the Dragon may not notice how much they need and can benefit from the inherent qualities of the Ox. This can be a rejuvenating year for you if accept a little structure.

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In the West, we see the Snake as a symbol of evil, but in most cultures around the world the Snake is seen as a symbol for fertility and for spiritual awakening. In fact, experts believe that the Snake was chosen as the symbol of evil in the Bible because it was so hard to eradicate the practice of making offerings to the Snake goddess for fertility.

People born in Snake years are believed to be wise, always seeking deeper knowledge and willing to put the time and effort required for research. They’re not always as thorough in the application of their knowledge and can be reckless in their pursuit of it. For example, they may start practicing a healing art before they are fully trained or they might apply a technique that they’re not fully sure how it’ll turn out – for the sake of finding out. Socially, they can be a lot of fun to be around, and once they commit, they can be great partners for life.

Snakes like to seek pleasure and amusement and need to watch for a tendency to get lost in the pursuit of pleasure.

Snakes do fantastic in life area 1 (Career, Life Mission and Individuality) unless they give in to bad habits/addictions. For the same reason they do well in life area 3 (Health, Family and Community) only if they create a good routine with healthy habits, especially if it’s associated to an ancient school of knowledge, which they very much appreciate (Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation). Snakes do great with life area 5 (Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude) because they believe they are the natural recipients for windfalls and are always on the look for them. Also because they instinctively know how to tap into the Tao.

Snakes struggle with life area 4 (Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth) because they lack the accumulation instinct of the Rat or the Rabbit, trusting that they will always be able to generate income, and failing to plan for the future. Snakes may have a bit of a hard time with life area 9 (Fame, Reputation and Social Life) because they’d rather stay in the lab than attend a party. They prefer small gatherings, where deep conversations can happen, to large more superficial events. They detest small talk.

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
The Snake’s love of knowledge and the Ox’s need for action (work) can be a remarkable combination. People born in the year of the snake tend to enjoy the planning more than the execution of their great ideas This year, you can take advantage of the strength of the Ox to make your dreams a reality. Partner with people who love the grind work and want to be around those with great ideas and clear vision.

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Horses are energetic and strong. They can keep going for long periods of time and they love their freedom, but once domesticated they become obedient.

People born in Horse years tend to be very active. They love sports, running –– when they go up and down the stairs they actually sound like horses. They are hard workers and measure their own value on their achievements. They don’t rest on their past glories, they want new ones.

Horses like to run with a herd or a band and they love the sense of adventure. Oftentimes they get carried away with the excitement and don’t realize the cost that will be required of their quests. Then they wonder how they got into a mess. It helps horses to stop and think before taking action.

Horses need to watch out for their tendency to join cults or blindly following a leader. The attraction of joining a “group with a mission” is great, but can lead to giving away their power to another, who might not have their best interest at heart.

Horses, once they settle, value family life dearly. Horses can be the best of parents or the worst of parents, in the name of family values.

Horses have the potential to do great or terrible with life area 3 (Health, Family and Community) depending on whether they nurture their strong constitution, or abuse it. They have an easy time with life area 1 (Career, Life Mission and Individuality) because of their combination of stamina and focus.

Horses can struggle with life area 2 (Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships) because they can be insensitive to other people’s needs, and brutal in the expression of their opinions. They can have a hard time also with the life area that is at the other side of 2 –– life area 8 (Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Rest) because they don’t like to stay still, and they lack patience.

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
Both the Horse and the Ox love action, but each prefers a different type of action The Ox loves repetitive action, the routines that come back again and again with the natural cycles of life. The Horse likes unexpected action that leads to adventure. Spur of the moment decisions may not be the best way to go about your life this year. You may feel restless when things don’t move as fast as you would like. The steadiness of the year of the Ox can be very beneficial for you if you learn to adapt and accept your circumstances. Fighting what is instead of working with it can lead to fatigue. Take time to rest when you feel frustrated.

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Goats move in herds in plains but they also feel comfortable climbing great heights on their own.

People born in the year of the Goat tend to be very artistic and creative, but they’re not the most practical people. They value beauty and meaning, not so much usefulness. Goats need to watch out for excessive spending to make the home look pretty or to feed their creative projects and endeavors.

Goats are great at making a house into a home. They tend to be great cooks and put great care and effort in creating beautiful places where people can feel good. A Goat is a great house guest if they don’t stay too long. Your home will look and feel better after a goat has visited.

Because Goats don’t want to be bothered with the practical aspects of surviving, they do best when they partner with a spouse that is good at day-to-day living, or when they join a team with an efficient leader. Boredom is the Goat’s enemy. Goats need to always look for exciting projects to work on.

Goats do best with life area 5 (Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude) as they believe Heaven’s job is to take care of them. In exchange, they are very faithful to Heaven, in delivering works of art (inspired by Heaven). Goats tend to neglect life area 4 (Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth) because they believe someone or something will always be there to take care of them. Goats need to be careful with life area 2 (Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships) because of their tendency to see the “grass greener on the other side.”

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
The Ox may not appreciate your ideas and originality the way you’d like, but if you are able to get across the practical benefits of going along with your plans and projects the Ox can be an invaluable ally. If you pay attention to detail, your creative and artistic projects will yield the results you desire. Tending to the minutia in life may be boring but it will be rewarding in the long term. Some things need to be done and can’t be ignored. If you feel that grunt work is killing your creativity, partner with or hire a person who loves doing practical work.

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Monkeys are sociable, active and boisterous, but also very capable and determined.

People born in the year of the Monkey like to travel in troops and love to engage in all sorts of games. They try to design their lives so they feel like constant parties. They’re energetic, so they can be great workers when managed properly and told how to occupy every moment of their day. If left to their own devices, then tend to waste time and opportunities for the sake of a good time. This makes it hard for Monkeys to adjust to management positions. Monkeys may often feel that their talents are not properly appreciated or that they are passed up for promotions they feel are due.

Monkeys are intelligent, and that intelligence needs to be challenged with constant learning and clear goals.

Monkeys do great in life area 9 (Fame, Reputation and Social Life) because they are gregarious in nature and love to party. They excel in life area 7 (Children, Creativity and Fun) because they love to play games and have fun. They can be the life of the party.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Monkeys struggle with life area 8 (Wisdom, Self-Knowledge and Calm) more than any other life area, because of their restless nature. Another reason is that Monkeys tend to define themselves by the groups they join. For this same reason, even though Monkeys are ambitious, it can be hard to advance in life area 1 (Career, Life Mission and Individuality).

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
The Ox loves stability and the Monkey loves originality. These two things don’t have to be at odds. When the Ox opens up to new ideas, it can devote its work ethic to make then into realities than can then become new traditions. The Ox loves traditional styles but adding some color to tradition can produce exciting results. People born in the year of the Monkey will find that the year of the Ox energies open up to them. Take advantage of the security that comes with stability, but give it your own touch.

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There can only be one Rooster in the coop. Roosters like to call attention to themselves. They are very tuned to the cycles of nature.

A person born in the year of the Rooster probably loves being the center of attention, but they love to be admired at a distance. They are not the warmest or friendliest of the signs but they can be very sociable in environments that are not overly competitive, because Roosters themselves are very competitive. Roosters are very stylish and fashion-conscious, and they love luxury. Roosters need to be careful with spending. They tend to over-spend, but don’t necessarily waste money –– they buy good stuff. If you were born in the year of the Rooster watch out for a tendency to be overly critical of others. Cultivate empathy and compassion so you can have better relationships.

Roosters are smart and love to learn. They thrive when their best qualities are recognized and encouraged. They are very sensitive to criticism.

Roosters tend to do well in life area 4 (Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth) because they are clever investors. This sometimes makes them temporarily asset-rich but cash-poor. Money comes easily to Roosters and that is part of life area 1 (Career, Life Mission and Individuality) because Roosters can be very focused on what they want from an early age.

Roosters may find bumps in life area 2 (Marriage, Relationships and Partnerships) because their focus tends to be on themselves. Life area 7 (Children, Creativity and Fun) can also be a challenge because fun times can get in the way of the Roosters’ goals and so Roosters may either overindulge in entertainment or deprive themselves of it. They need to find balance between work and play.

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
In the year of the Ox, the people born in the year of the Rooster will see openings for developing work and career. The danger here is to fall into workaholism. When Roosters devote too much energy to work they can become unbalanced and restless. The Ox has energy in excess, which it uses up by constant employment in practical matters. The Rooster operates with bursts of energy and needs to combine periods of work with rest and entertainment. If the Rooster doesn’t do this, its productivity plummets. Work to create a peaceful environment around you.

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Long regarded as humankind’s best friend, dogs are very loyal, generous and loving.

People born in the year of the Dog are sociable and thrive in groups of like-minded people. They like familiarity and daily routines. They seek comfort. They are willing to sacrifice for the good of the family. Dogs are very friendly and make friends easily wherever they go. They have a strong sense of hierarchy and they can be deferential to those they perceive as being above them and haughty with those they see as being beneath them. Dogs attach themselves to strong leaders or become leaders themselves.

Dogs tend to thrive in life area 3 (Health, Family and Community) as they see themselves always as part of a group. The do well in life area 6 (Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel) because they are good team players. They only ask that the job descriptions be clear and that everyone do their part.

Dogs struggle with life area 4 (Wealth, Prosperity and Self Worth) and with life area 1 (Career, Life Mission and Individuality) because their sense of generosity (giving away too much) and identification with the pack, instead of as individuals.

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
People born in the year of the Dog benefit greatly from the energy of the Ox. They both like comfort and security. However, if you get too comfortable you may find that the year passes you by and you don’t advance any of your goals. The stability of the Ox can bring you lots of peace and relaxation. Use this positive environment to focus on your advancement, as well as your enjoyment.

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Pigs are animals known for overeating, but this is an association made from domesticated pigs, rather than wild pigs. We perceive them as slow and mild, but they can also be surprisingly fast and ferocious. In East Asia Pigs are symbols of wealth.

People born in the year of the Pig are lovers of pleasure and the comforts of life. Drawn to the mundane rather than the spiritual. They are generous and love to socialize. They are indulgent and forgiving with their loved ones and hope that the same kindness will be shown to them when they make mistakes. They lack introspection. Other people tend to feel comfortable with Pigs. Pigs make all their friends feel understood and supported, even when they disagree. They can be good workers, but are driven more by the desire for comfort than by ambition or the desire for achievement.

Pigs need to watch out for a tendency to avoid confrontation and to settle for less than they deserve, in order to not rock the boat.

Pigs do well in life area 2 (Marriage, Relationships, and Partnerships) because they are very accepting of others and have a very loving nature. They do well in life area 5 (Center of Good Fortune and Gratitude) because they are usually content with their lot, and experience the gratitude of others for the things they have done for them.

Pigs are challenged in life area 3 (Health, Family and Community) because it’s hard for them to establish healthy habits and routines, and they tend to indulge into foods that are not good for them. Pigs have to make an effort to elevate themselves to spiritual experiences, having to do with life area 6 (Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel) because they seldom question the beliefs they were raised with, and thus limit their spiritual evolution.

Chinese Year of the Ox 2021, for You
This can be a peaceful, comfortable year for those born in the year of the Pig. It can be a year for healing and for exploring new ideas and experiences, while being held by the gentle strength of the Ox. Sometimes it’s OK to be taken care of. You don’t always have to prove yourself or show your mettle. However, work to establish good routines. Because you may not feel very challenged this year, there will be no external motivations to get you going. With good habits and associating with the right people, you can get far.

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Do you know your Chinese Horoscope animal sign? Chinese Year of the Ox 2021

The Chinese Year of the Ox 2021 doesn’t start on January 1st. The beginning of the Chinese Year actually changes from year to year, sometimes in January and sometimes in February. See the list below to find your year of birth. Some of the years are placed on the left side (up to 1983) and some on the right (after 1984). If you were born in January or February, make sure you choose the right Chinese year by checking the start of the Chinese year on the year you were born.

Keep in mind that your animal sign for the year is your Outer Sign (similar to the Sun sign in Zodiacal Astrology), or public sign, but there are also Inner Signs (what only those close to you know about you) and Secret or Private Signs (your ascendant sign).

Years from 1924–1983ElementAnimalYears from 1984–2043
Feb 05 1924–Jan 23 1925 Yang WoodRatFeb 02 1984–Feb 19 1985
Jan 24 1925–Feb 12 1926 Yin WoodOx Feb 20 1985–Feb 08 1986
Feb 13 1926–Feb 01 1927 Yang FireTigerFeb 09 1986–Jan 28 1987
Feb 02 1927–Jan 22 1928 Yin FireRabbitJan 29 1987–Feb 16 1988
Jan 23 1928–Feb 09 1929Yang EarthDragonFeb 17 1988–Feb 05 1989
Feb 10 1929–Jan 29 1930Yin EarthSnakeFeb 06 1989–Jan 26 1990
Jan 30 1930–Feb 16 1931Yang MetalHorseJan 27 1990–Feb 14 1991
Feb 17 1931–Feb 05 1932Yin MetalGoatFeb 15 1991–Feb 03 1992
Feb 06 1932–Jan 25 1933 Yang WaterMonkeyFeb 04 1992–Jan 22 1993
Jan 26 1933–Feb 13 1934Yin WaterRoosterJan 23 1993– Feb 09 1994
Feb 14 1934–Feb 03 1935 Yang Wood DogFeb 10 1994–Jan 30 1995
Feb 04 1935–Jan 23 1936 Yin WoodPigJan 31 1995–Feb 18 1996
Jan 24 1936–Feb 10 1937 Yang FireRatFeb 19 1996–Feb 06 1997
Feb 11 1937–Jan 30 1938 Yin FireOxFeb 07 1997–Jan 27 1998
Jan 31 1938–Feb 18 1939 Yang EarthTigerJan 28 1998–Feb 15 1999
Feb 19 1939–Feb 07 1940 Yin EarthRabbitFeb 16 1999–Feb 04 2000
Feb 08 1940–Jan 26 1941 Yang MetalDragonFeb 05 2000–Jan 23 2001
Jan 27 1941–Feb 14 1942 Yin Metal SnakeJan 24 2001–Feb 11 2002
Feb 15 1942–Feb 04 1943 Yang Water HorseFeb 12 2002–Jan 31 2003
Feb 05 1943–Jan 24 1944 Yin WaterGoatFeb 01 2003–Jan 21 2004
Jan 25 1944–Feb 12 1945 Yang WoodMonkeyJan 22 2004–Feb 08 2005
Feb 13 1945–Feb 01 1946 Yin WoodRoosterFeb 09 2005–Jan 28 2006
Feb 02 1946–Jan 21 1947Yang FireDogJan 29 2006–Feb 17 2007
Jan 22 1947–Feb 09 1948 Yin FirePigFeb 18 2007–Feb 06 2008
Feb 10 1948–Jan 28 1949Yang EarthRatFeb 07 2008–Jan 25 2009
Jan 29 1949–Feb 16 1950Yin EarthOxJan 26 2009–Feb 14 2010
Feb 17 1950–Feb 05 1951Yang MetalTigerFeb 15 2010–Feb 02 2011
Feb 06 1951–Jan 26 1952Yin MetalRabbitFeb 03 2011–Jan 22 2012
Jan 27 1952–Feb 13 1953Yang WaterDragonJan 23 2012–Feb 09 2013
Feb 14 1953–Feb 02 1954Yin WaterSnakeFeb 10 2013–Jan 30 2014
Feb 03 1954–Jan 23 1955Yang WoodHorseJan 31 2014–Feb 18 2015
Jan 24 1955–Feb 11 1956 Yin WoodGoatFeb 19 2015–Feb 07 2016
Feb 12 1956–Jan 30 1957 Yang FireMonkeyFeb 08 2016–Jan 27 2017
Jan 31 1957–Feb 17 1958 Yin FireRoosterJan 28 2017–Feb 18 2018
Feb 18 1958–Feb 07 1959 Yang EarthDogFeb 19 2018–Feb 04 2019
Feb 08 1959–Jan 27 1960 Yin EarthPigFeb 05 2019–Jan 24 2020
Jan 28 1960–Feb 14 1961 Yang MetalRatJan 25 2020–Feb. 11 2021
Feb 15 1961–Feb 04 1962 Yin MetalOxFeb 12 2021–Jan 31 2022
Feb 05 1962–Jan 24 1963 Yang WaterTigerFeb 01 2022–Jan 21 2023
Jan 25 1963–Feb 12 1964 Yin WaterRabbitJan 22 2023–Feb 09 2024
Feb 13 1964–Feb 01 1965 Yang WoodDragonFeb 10 2024–Jan 28 2025
Feb 02 1965–Jan 20 1966 Yin WoodSnakeJan 29 2025–Feb 16 2026
Jan 21 1966–Feb 08 1967 Yang FireHorseFeb 17 2026–Feb 05 2027
Feb 09 1967–Jan 29 1968 Yin FireGoatFeb 06 2027–Jan 25 2028
Jan 30 1968–Feb 16 1969 Yang EarthMonkeyJan 26 2028–Feb 12 2029
Feb 17 1969–Feb 05 1970 Yin EarthRoosterFeb 13 2029–Feb 02 2030
Feb 06 1970–Jan 26 1971 Yang MetalDogFeb 03 2030–Jan 22 2031
Jan 27 1971–Feb 14 1972 Yin MetalPigJan 23 2031–Feb 10 2032
Feb 15 1972–Feb 02 1973Yang WaterRatFeb 11 2032–Jan 30 2033
Feb 03 1973–Jan 22 1974 Yin WaterOxJan 31 2033–Feb 18 2034
Jan 23 1974–Feb 10 1975Yang WoodTigerFeb 19 2034–Feb 07 2035
Feb 11 1975–Jan 30 1976Yin WoodRabbitFeb 08 2035–Jan 27 2036
Jan 31 1976–Feb 17 1977 Yang FireDragonJan 28 2036–Feb 14 2037
Feb 18 1977–Feb 06 1978Yin FireSnakeFeb 15 2037–Feb 03 2038
Feb 07 1978–Jan 27 1979 Yang EarthHorseFeb 04 2038–Jan 23 2039
Jan 28 1979–Feb 15 1980Yin Earth GoatJan 24 2039–Feb 11 2040
Feb 16 1980–Feb 04 1981Yang Metal MonkeyFeb 12 2040–Jan 31 2041
Feb 05 1981–Jan 24 1982 Yin MetalRoosterFeb 01 2041–Jan 21 2042
Jan 25 1982–Feb 12 1983 Yang WaterDogJan 22 2042–Feb 09 2043
Feb 13 1983–Feb 01 1984Yin WaterPigFeb 10 2043–Jan 29 2044
Chinese Year of the Rat 2020


  1. Yin Earth ,Pig

  2. Yang Water, Tiger

  3. Yin Wood, Goat

  4. Yin Fire, Goat. Best to you Moni 😘

  5. I turned out to be a yang metal horse but it doesn’t describe me AT ALL, I’m literally the opposite of the description. Why is this?

    • Georgie, it could be that your other signs overpower the horse. The year sign is your public sign, but there’s also an internal sign (by the month), and a secret sign (ascendant). In Zodiacal astrology, sometimes the ascendant sign is more visible than the sun sign. It can happen with the Chinese horoscope too.

  6. I’m a Yin Fire Goat too Moni 🐐(though I’d prefer to be called Sheep🐑 lol) and today is my birthday🥳

    • Happy Birthday, Angela! Some system call it sheep, others ram and others goat. I went with the one I thought I could make the cutest illustration!

  7. Yin Metal, Ox

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