Testimonials on Home Consultations

Moni’s professional approach and breadth of knowledge were immediately apparent the first time I met her. Having her come into my home provided me with all sorts of insights that I would not have otherwise had.

She was able to explain the messages my home was sending that I took for granted, being that I am so familiar with it. If these messages were not in line with my personal goals and desires, she offered several suggestions for how to change them.

I found her outside opinion and wisdom to be greatly valuable and am still consulting either her or her informative book any time I make changes in my home.

I would highly recommend Monica and her services. My home is now a lot more inviting and pleasant to come home to than it once was, and this is apparent inside and out!

Meredith Harrison
Jin Shin Jyutsu® Practitioner
Berkal Technique® Practitioner

Moni did a long distance consultation of my flat. After I sent her a sketch of the floor plan and the photos she did the analysis of the space and gave me very good advice about my place and how that tied in with what was going on in my life. Since the consultation I am doing better with my career and have started devoting a little more time to my hobbies and gifts, which gave me much pleasure.

I found love and I am very hopeful for the future.

The instructions were very easy to follow.

A. R.

I want to thank you for your help with your Feng Shui advise.

Remember the “children’s wall”? Well my three kids,(age 40,38,36) find,that I have changed tremendously. My son was spending 4 days with me (he lives in Chile) and he said: ‘Mommy in 4 days we had no fight or even a disagreement.’

Well my dear Monica I think you had a lot to do with it. I am really feeling very good in my home. I do hope you´ll be back soon,as to continue the work.

I also enjoyed your bulletins by e-mail [Fall Journey for Healing], The most fun were the keys, I got rid of over one pound of old keys. I still have to laugh when I think about it!

Ingeborg Wintersteiger,
Quito, Ecuador

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