Testimonials on Business Consultations

To work with Moni is always a win/win situation. She was introduced to me some years ago by a person who I respect. Moni’s consultation improved my facility and I gained knowledge about Feng Shui. I understood how important it was for building a successful work place.

Moni has skills and passion as well as architecture background of expertise. She sees, contemplates and creates plans for improvements. She is knowledgeable, healthy and sound, and this is this kind of advisor that you want in your life.

The suggestions that came from first evaluation did have unique value. Evidence of improvements translated to success of my work place in the following months and years.

Doing business with her is an opportunity for growth. When she is done with the report, her job is not over but she continues building a bigger foundation for the future. You will feel not abandoned by her, there will be opportunities to learn more and master more elements if you have the desire to do that.

Many businesses need Moni’s expertise, and this is better done sooner than later. Waiting too long is expensive.

Jerzy Tworek P.T., I.M.T.,C. CEO Integrated Physical Therapy

After placing a waterfall image by my front door, like you suggested, my business has been getting a new client per day! This is a significant financial improvement.

I am amazed that such a simple change can produce results like these.

Bill Austin, Florida

Having Moni do Feng Shui consultation for business was extremely beneficial, not only for guidance on how to optimize and beautify the work space, but also to help define and solidify work goals. Moni asked very poignant questions that really made me analyze what it was that I wanted out of my work. I found my career motivation peaked after our session. Not only did I benefit, but so did each of my work colleagues who met with Moni. Her advice resulted in greater professionalism on all our parts individually as well as a stronger, more cohesive business practice collectively. Moni helped our practice take great strides forward and for this I am very thankful. I strongly recommend that you invite her to enlighten you as well.

Meredith Harrison, Knoxville, TN

We continue to receive compliments from patients about the little changes we made to make the office more positive and cheerful – all of these are from women, of course – and so my co-worker and I continue to appreciate your helpful suggestions for our working area!

Anne, Dyersville, Iowa

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