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Your soul is always integrating your memories of other homes, room by room, with new memories you are creating today.

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About the Book

Discover the never-before-revealed intimate family stories that led Moni to write this book about how our lives shape our homes and our homes shape our lives.

Moni grew up in a Third World country where she experienced many contrasts and saw many ways to live.

She witnessed the luxuries with which her friends in her privileged upper-middle class and upper class upbringing lived, and also the children begging for money and food in the streets of Quito, Ecuador.

As she visited many different types of homes, she made note of how the homes mirrored the beliefs and expectations of the people who lived in them.

Most notable were the differences she noticed between the way her grandmother and her parents arranged their homes.

Moni tells stories that happened, room by room, in the homes of her maternal grandmother, her parents, and the home where she is consciously raising her family today. To read an excerpt click here.

About the Author

Monica P. Castaneda, Moni, is a Feng Shui consultant, author and teacher.

Feng Shui is about living in harmony with our surroundings. Moni has integrated modern Western architecture with ancient Feng Shui knowledge to create the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, a step-by-step method to study and practice this art.

Moni helps clients turn their current homes into dream homes,
where they may live happy lives and realize their full potential.


“We learn best through stories, and in the beautifully written journey of the heart and home, the new book on Feng Shui, Room by Room by Moni Castaneda is the answer to the misunderstood practice of Feng Shui in one’s home. Illustrating vibrant and intimate details of heartbreak and betrayal, Room by Room chronicles the resiliency of one woman to change her fate. Through vivid illustrations of how Feng Shui plays out in each room of the home, the author invites you to be a welcome guest and a trusted friend sharing a powerful and unique perspective of lives spanning multiple generations, and how they are impacted in the home. Room by Room will inspire the reader to transform their current home into one that will create more harmony, love and abundance.

Room by Room should be required reading for women who know how powerful their home impacts their lives and the lives of their loved ones. I highly recommend this book to those new to Feng Shui as well as the well seasoned Feng Shui practitioner.

Room by Room is part inspiration, part information, part transformation.”

Stephana Johnson
Speaker, Founder Yogilachi Holistic Health & Fitness Transformation

“Open “the door” to Castaneda’s book on Feng Shui and enter an easy to read book. Using her own life experiences, she gives readers a very practical way to understand and practice Feng Shui. Readers will leave with a better understanding of the practice, and quite possibly, a better understanding of themselves.”

Lynne Mullins
MA in Counseling Psychology

Moni Castaneda shows how your approach to your home influences every aspect of your life—social, spiritual and romantic. She takes you into the homes of three generations of her family to demonstrate what works and what doesn’t. By the time you finish this book, you will have a practical understanding of how to best order your own home to bring joy to those you love and energy into your social life, your family life and your love life.

Leo Williams

Writer and Editor


Over twenty years of practicing Feng Shui, Moni had written much on the subject – eight textbooks and hundreds of blog articles. Most of what she had written addressed the how of Feng Shui, but she had not written much about the why of Feng Shui.

She wanted to write a book that would present the reader with irrefutable proof that spaces mirror our beliefs, but that they also influence those beliefs. Moni decided that family stories where the best way to convey the basics of why Feng Shui is important.

There is a relationship between what we keep in our homes and how well we are doing in the different areas of life.

How we arrange our furniture, how we decorate every room, the photos and images we choose for our walls – they reveal the conclusions that we have arrived at about the world. Some of these conclusions can be detrimental to our well-being.

If we are not constantly influencing our home for the better, then our home is influencing us for the worse!

In this book, Moni teaches Feng Shui through the telling of family stories that span three homes and four generations, room by room:

• The Foyer
• The Living Room
• The Dining Room
• The Kitchen
• The Hallway
• Children’s Bedrooms
• The Master Bedroom


  • What was it like to grow up in a Third World or developing country?
  • Growing up you were exposed to many different types of homes. What were some of your earlier observations about the relationship between a person’s life and the way they kept their home.
  • You had many friends who lived in mansions or at least very large, high-end homes in Quito, Ecuador. Why do you say that visualizing a mansion as a dream home is wrong for most people?
  • In your book, you talk about something called the Seed, which is a core concept in Ancient Asian medicine, and that Feng Shui is actually a branch of ancient Chinese medicine. Can you tell us a little bit about that?
  • When you were growing up, and as a young woman, did you feel the power of the Seed guiding your choices?
  • I am sure you experienced some culture shock when you came to live in the United States. What would you say struck you about the way people in this country keep their homes? What are we doing different, as a culture, from what you had seen growing up?
  • How do you feel today about the state of homes and family life in the United States, and how does that tie in to writing this book, Room by Room, Feng Shui Secrets to a Happy Life?
  • What do you hope for people to learn or realize from reading this book?


Moni’s mission is to help women (and men who have a strong nesting instinct) to turn their current homes into their dream homes, where they can live their dream lives and realize their full potential.

There are many things in the world that are out of a person’s control. The home is not one of them. The home is the place where what a person says and does matters. By constantly working on improving the home, people can gradually improve their perception of their own lives, and eventually the quality and level of happiness in their lives.


Monica P. Castaneda (Moni) was born and grew up in Quito, Ecuador, in South America. From a very early age she had a strong interest in space and how space environments affect the people who live or work in them.

Moni got a degree from the School of Architecture in the Central University of Ecuador in 1995. Just a month later, she moved to the United States to join her husband.

For over 20 years Moni has been studying, researching and testing Feng Shui advice and techniques to find out what works and gets the best results today.

The most common complaint of people wanting to learn or use Feng Shui is that they get confused. Moni set out to end the Feng Shui confusion by developing a method to learn and practice Feng Shui which is synergistic and by-the-numbers. This method is called the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, and it is very easy to learn and apply.

Moni uses the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System for all her Feng Shui Consultation Services, her online courses and her text books.

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