Request a Free Feng Shui Orientation Meeting

You may request a free Feng Shui Orientation Meeting with Moni so that she can help you figure out what service, program, book or combination of all three have the solutions to the Feng Shui problems you are experiencing.

During this online meeting, you will get to show Moni your home using a smart phone, a tablet, or a laptop. Moni will then consider your situation, time availability and your budget to recommend the best combination of:

  • Services (consultations)
  • Programs (courses, videos and/or group meetings)
  • Books

Please keep in mind, Moni will not give you tips on what to do or offer any Feng Shui advice during this meeting. The advice will only come after you have started a service or program.

Click on the link or image below to schedule yourself for your Free 20 min Feng Shui Orientation Meeting.

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