Real Estate Online Feng Shui Evaluation

Consulting Moni for a Real Estate Online Feng Shui Evaluation can save you a lot of time and make your decision for a Real Estate purchase much easier.

Moni will look at the listing for the property you are considering buying and look for:

  1. the general auspiciousness of the building and surrounding areas.
  2. issues with the property that would require the need for major Feng Shui adjustments.

Most properties, unless they were designed with Feng Shui in mind, will have problems. Most problems in Feng Shui have an easy solution. However there may be situations where more costly or difficult to implement corrections may be necessary. As Moni makes you aware of these, you can decide if getting the property would be good for you and your loved ones, and what kind of a Feng Shui challenge you would be facing if you indeed buy that property.

Real Estate Online Evaluation (per property) $99

Contact Moni:
(865) 973-1475

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