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In my Feng Shui Consultant practice, most women who have divorced have shared with me that they still loved their husbands at the time of the divorce. In most cases, they believed their husbands loved them back! They simply could not get along. They could not live togetherwithout arguing all the time and making each other miserable, so they had to end it.

I can relate. My husband and I almost divorced in the first home we purchased because of bad relationship Feng Shui. Fortunately, it was while living in that home that I discovered Feng Shui, and after a couple of simple cures, the constant arguments ended.

Since then, every year in our married life is happier than the one before. Even with all the challenges of life’s changes, managing our businesses, and raising children, we always continue to communicate well, and express our love for each other โ€“ as a couple, not just as friends or co-parents.

It is amazing to still like your partner after 25 years!

If you long to communicate better with your partner, with love and passion, you need the course “Ignite Love!”


If you are determined to find steady love that may lead to marriage, you need the course “Ignite Love!”

When most people think about attracting love, they think about single people looking for a mate, and it is hard to find the “right person,” but attracting love in an established relationship can be even harder!

Everybody wants to be happy in love, but few people know what it takes.

As a Feng Shui Consultant with two decades helping clients Feng Shui their homes for love, I have seen many people stuck in bad relationships, even though they really loved each other.

All people bring baggage to a relationship, and their own misconceptions about what love is.

The truth is that most people do not know what will make them happy.

The good news is: Feng Shui already knows what will make you happy.

Feng Shui advice for married couples is the same as Feng Shui advice for single folks, because the principles or relationships are the same, whether you are single or married.

May You Find Great Love!







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