If you want to add Feng Shui knowledge to a profession you already practice

Say you are a home organizer, a space arranger, an interior designer, an architect, a life coach or a healer. You would like to study the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® to have another tool to add to your toolbox, but don’t want to become a stand-alone Feng Shui consultant. 

What you need is:

  • Learn the basics of Feng Shui
  • Learn the Nine Steps to Feng Shui System and how it is applied to homes.
  • Additional tools compatible with your preexisting profession

For you I offer:

  1. Study the Course End the Feng Shui Confusion
  2. Study the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System The course is designed to take three months, devoting one hour of study per week. Some people do it faster and some people take longer.
  3. Review Case Histories
  4. Get a bonus that contributes to what you do (see below).

These are the bonuses I offer:

  • If you are an interior designer or an architect you get a membership to my private website, Room by Room
  • If you are a healer, you get the course Dharma not Karma, How to Promote Your Holistic Practice
  • If you are home organizer, you get the class Declutter 2 Free Your Soul
  • If you are a life coach, you get the online course The Feng Shui Correct Home Office so you can learn how to increase productivity by arranging your home office.
  • If you are realtor, you get the teleclass on Feng Shui Space Clearing Techniques.

That’s not all. You also get 50% on any future courses you want to take.

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