Do you dream of becoming a Feng Shui Consultant?

You have fallen in love with Feng Shui, you have tried some things and gotten great results – enough to want to learn more.

But there are so many sources, so many schools – and they don’t seem to agree on much. The information you have found is not just different from one source to the next. It’s actually contradictory.

For starters, they don’t even agree on how to place the bagua map on a floor plan!

There is indeed a lot of confusion around Feng Shui. It seems very complicated to learn and almost impossible to apply.

My Feng Shui Journey

When I first fell in love with Feng Shui, I was also confused. Even though I had recently graduated as an architect back in my country of origin, Ecuador, I couldn’t make sense of all the contradictory information I found.

Furthermore, when I tried applying what I learned from various teachers, the results were not good. Things didn’t look right – they looked strange.

I knew that Feng Shui had produced amazing palaces, gardens and homes back in East Asia many years ago.

What had happened? Either Feng Shui had decayed or become corrupt over the years. Knowledge had been lost, or it was being lost in translation.

Because of my training in architecture I knew that much of the advice I found in Feng Shui videos, books, audiobooks, charts from various teachers and schools might sound good but would not work in the real world.

For example, I knew that placing a bed at odd angles (to match a positive direction) would always produce unrestful sleep.

I also knew that angling a door to face a particular direction regardless of where the street was would look very odd.

The Truth About Feng Shui

I set out to find the truth about Feng Shui and in that search I found out that Feng Shui was made confusing on purpose. A long time ago, a Chinese emperor ordered the production of false Feng Shui books to distribute to the general population. He wanted to keep this art as a privilege of the aristocrats only.

The deceitful Feng Shui information disseminated in those books is still in circulation today – often mixed up with true information, to make things more confusing.

Many Feng Shui consultants and teachers practice these fraudulent forms of Feng Shui, unknowingly. They are not trying to harm. They are simply doing what they learned from their teachers.

How I Solved the Feng Shui Dilemma

In order to figure out what Feng Shui advice could be trusted I went back to its roots. Feng Shui developed alongside ancient Chinese medicine and Taoism, and shares many of their principles and practices. Many consider Feng Shui one of the five branches of ancient Chinese medicine.

I made the Universal Principles of the Tao Te Ching which gave rise to the Natural Laws of Healing my guiding lights.

As I reached conclusions based on my studies, I tested out my findings to make sure that they worked and were applicable to our modern times and culture. I wanted my line of Feng Shui to not only be effective in creating great energy, but also produce homes where people could live a life they love in a home they are proud to show.

It took me years to distill true Feng Shui knowledge from superstitious and disempowering beliefs, but when I was done, a beautiful thing emerged: the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

What is the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System?

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is a step-by-step method of practicing Feng Shui that makes it easy to learn and apply this art. When doing consultations, we follow a particular order and set of instructions that helps clients resolve their most pressing Feng Shui issues first. Every step taken toward improving their Feng Shui helps make the next assignments easier.

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System unites three of my passions:

  1. Ancient Chinese Space Arrangement Techniques (tested to make sure they work)
  2. Modern Architecture (for which I trained for over six years)
  3. Vibrational Healing Practices (that I have studied and trained for)

It’s a New Type of Feng Shui

The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System is a new way to practice Feng Shui that raises Feng Shui from the confusion generated by the corrupt rulers of long ago and the decay that comes with time.

It works, because it keeps the pace with modern times while being firmly rooted in the Universal Principles named in the Tao Te Ching and the Natural Laws of Healing used in all effective healing practices.

It blends the old and the new, giving you the best of both worlds.

More importantly, this new way to practice Feng Shui yields better results than any other way to practice this art.

We Just Get Better Results!

While other methods produce partial results – a person might improve their career, or find a lover – the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System produces whole life transformations. Our clients become more authentically themselves, happier, more hopeful, and more secure.

You’ll Learn from the Best

I know that I am not the only alternative for Feng Shui Consultant Training, but I am the only one to offer a proven method to always get consistent results when applying Feng Shui: the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System.

Furthermore, no other school of Feng Shui will offer the opportunity to work so closely with the founder of the school. In most cases, you will never meet the head teacher, or you will only get to interact with them for less than one week.

In the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant Training program you will work directly with me. You will get to know me and I’ll get to know you, as I help you Feng Shui your own home and as I mentor you through your training.

No one gives you a better deal for your investment!

Ready to Get Trained?

I am about to launch a fantastic promotion for those who would like to study to become Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultants. This promotion will include discounts, free courses and amazing extra bonuses.

To become a Nine Steps to Feng Shui Consultant you need to:

  1. Study the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System by taking three online video courses:
    • End the Feng Shui Confusion
    • Introduction to the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System
    • Feng Shui for Homes – The Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System Applied to Homes
  2. Get your home Feng-Shuied by me (Moni Castaneda). This is the long distance home consultation called Feng Shui Immersion Program. This is done in a secret Facebook group that only you and I can see.
  3. Study Case Histories – you do this with an online video course
  4. Get attuned for Angelic Feng Shui Training – this is a vibrational healing and clearing modality developed by Moni and healer Bill Austin. This spiritual training will prepare you to work with clients.
  5. Go through an Apprenticeship. Moni or a licensed consultant will guide you as you do a Feng Shui Essentials Consultation of your first client. This is the type of consultation that you will do for your clients most commonly.
  6. Sign the Licensing Agreement – the license protects the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® brand and gives you many advantages. It is free for the first year after graduation.
  7. Get Your Certificate.
  8. Get Access to Professional Resources
    • Online video course: How to Promote Your Feng Shui Consultant Business
    • Online video course: Nine Steps to Feng Shui Practitioners Manual
    • Live Home Interiors Software (to draw floor plans)
    • Wholesale deals for cures, books and charts
    • Sources for suppliers of crystals to re-sell
    • 50% off on all future courses

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