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Free Life Areas Test and Bagua Map:

Get a FREE Life Areas Test & a Feng Shui Bagua Map
Assess the nine key life areas and make the changes you need to create a happy life in a home you love!


Got Problems with your Neighbors? Watch this!

Watch this Webinar to Learn About Bad Feng Shui Cures for Dealing with Bad Neighbors that YOU SHOULD NEVER USE. Don’t create Bad Karma for you and your family.

Watch the FREE WEBINAR The Five Worst Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors here.

Five Mirrors You Need to Take Out of Your Home RIGHT NOW!

Are mirrors ruining your life? Most advice on Feng Shui mirrors you find out there is PLAIN WRONG.

Some folks advice you to use mirrors that are in themselves bad mirrors. Other articles advice you to use mirrors in ways that would end up ruining your luck.

FREE WEBINAR: https://moni-mirror.gr8.com/

Watch the Free Webinar 5 Worst Master Bedroom Mistakes

Feng Shui mistakes in the master bedroom can prevent you from attracting a romantic partner, or from having a good relationship with your spouse. Learn to prevent these romantic problems here:


Resentments, Forgiveness and the Grapes of Wrath

Do you need to forgive a family member? Watch this webinar to understand what forgiveness really is. Forgiveness opens up the channels for increased wealth.


How to Get Along with Your Family Members 

To get along with your relatives you first need to understand the Feng Shui Five Elements Personality Types.

Click on the link below to enter your name and email so I can send you the guide to find your personality type and that of your family members, as well as register you for the free webinar on how to get along with them.


Avoid These Five Color Mistakes

Most advice on Feng Shui colors is dead wrong. You shouldn’t apply colors based on the compass directions or on the colors of the Feng Shui Bagua Map. Click on the link to see if you have already made any of these mistakes. Knowing what not to do is the first step to having great color harmony.


3 Reasons You Don’t Declutter and the One Skill That Can Turn Your Life Around

Are You Embarrassed? Overwhelmed? Confused? Do you feel like your home is out-of-control?

You know something has to change. You need to do something about it, and the first step is to click the link below to go watch this amazing webinar:


Turn Your Home into a Dream Home – Free Course

Everyone wants to live in a dream home.

They look through magazines and the internet, and they clip or print out the photos of what their dream home should look like, to paste on their vision board.

But What About their Current Home?

This course takes you through the main three categories of Feng Shui problems that are preventing your home from being the home of your dreams, and it provides you with an outline of what problem areas to transform first.


Three Tips to Add Beauty and Good Vibes to Your Front Door

Welcome Yourself and Your Loved Ones Home! Get this guide and learn what 3 changes you need to make to create a happy and welcoming entrance  to your home!

When you download this guide now, you’ll be taking the first step to a healthy, vibrant home โ€“ which is the backdrop of your strong and happy family. 

With this free guide you’ll learn how to add beauty and vitality to your front door, so that you can attract:

  • Good will.
  • Opportunities.
  • Money. 
  • Happiness.

Get the guide here: https://moni-door.gr8.com/

Three Reasons Why the “Law of Attraction” is NOT Working for You!

Many people get excited when they first hear about the Law of Attraction and try to use it right away, often experiencing “beginners luck.” However, it soon stops working for them, or it may work for a while and then they reach a plateau. Find out why this happens by watching the free webinar Three Reasons Why the “Law of Attraction” is NOT Working for You!

CLICK TO WATCH THE WEBINAR: https://moni-law.gr8.com

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