“Broken and Mosaic Mirrors are Bad Feng Shui” – Feng Shui Myth or Truth?

Are broken and mosaic mirrors bad Feng Shui? Mosaic mirrors are very common in interior design. Will you have bad luck if you have a mosaic mirror at home?

There are many beautiful pieces of art and accessories that are made with broken mirrors. They can create stunning designs.

However, you may have heard that mosaic mirrors are not allowed in Feng Shui because they are made with broken mirrors.

Broken and Mosaic Mirrors are Bad Feng Shui

It is indeed bad Feng Shui to keep any broken or mosaic mirrors in your home or business.

Breaking a mirror isn’t bad luck. It’s just something that happened. Keeping a broken mirror can give you bad feedback.

The Problem with Broken Mirrors

Broken mirrors that haven’t been replaced present several problems:

  1. They represent lack of care and responsibility and they give the impression of poverty. In a place that’s well kept anything that breaks is replaced immediately.
  2. Broken mirrors are a potential hazard, as the lines along which the glass was broken are sharp and someone can get hurt if they touch them.
  3. The reflections that broken mirrors provide are as well broken and fragmented. If you see yourself in them you don’t see a true reflection of yourself, but a shattered one.

The Problem with Mosaic Mirrors

Mosaic mirrors are made with broken mirrors. Unlike mirrors broken by accident, the edges of mosaic mirrors have been either smoothed out or covered up so there’s no risk of getting hurt.

However, the pieces used for mosaic art or accessories are usually smaller and more abundant. Moreover, mosaic sculpture or decorations are often set on curved surfaces. The reflections provided by mosaic mirrors are usually even more fragmented than those of mirrors broken my accident.

A Staple of Thrillers, Mysteries and Horror Movies

There’s a common scene in thrillers, mystery stories and horror movies to see a disturbed person, or a murderer, catch their reflection in a broken mirror or a mosaic mirror.

Movie makers use this scene to make the point that the person doesn’t see the world as it is or themselves as they are.

The Feng Shui Perspective

Issues with mirrors usually indicate problems with the aspects of life that mirrors represent – self-image, self-esteem, vision, and wealth.

When working with a clients, if I find any mirrors that break or distort the image in any way, I check to see if the client has problems with:

  1. Self-worth.
  2. Alcoholism or addiction.
  3. Inability to grow their wealth.
  4. Unwillingness to see their life as it is.
  5. Guilt.

How Feng Shui Helps

While Feng Shui alone cannot help with deep-set emotional or psychological issues, such as addiction, it does help create an environment where the person may feel safer, and have more clarity to seek the professional help they seek.

But What If You Really Love Mosaic Art?

I recently was browsing on social media and I saw a post in a Facebook group where someone asked if it was OK for her to keep mosaic mirror art that she had created, because she loved it and these items really made her happy.

Some people responded that they don’t believe in “Fear Shui” and that she should keep them if she loves them.

Unfortunately, broken or mosaic mirrors are not a matter of liking or disliking, or even loving an item.

There are parts of our minds that are basic, instinctive and bypass our higher intellect, our likes and emotions, or the things we love. These parts of our minds react to the things we keep in our environment. Broken mirrors are environmental red flags that trigger the parts of our brain designed to detect potential sources of trouble or danger. When we see things looking shattered, that’s not a good sign.

Can Broken or Mosaic Mirrors Be Kept in a Home and Still Have Good Feng Shui?

If you keep broken mirrors you can’t have good Feng Shui. Art or accessories with mosaic mirrors may be kept if they are kept at a height where you wouldn’t see your image reflected, but only in areas that are not visited often. Even up high, you wouldn’t want them in areas where you have a lot of traffic.

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