Why We Invert the Principles of Natural Law – The Feng Shui Focus – Episode 7

For use in Feng Shui, we place the Nine Principles of Natural Order, from the bottom up, as if you were going up the steps from one level of reality to the next.

  • The first three steps for the Earth Level (architecture)
  • The next three steps for the Humankind Level (humankind)
  • The last three steps for the Heaven Level (furniture)

When addressed in this order, your Feng Shui tasks produce the best results, both to create a dream home and for you to be happy in your home.

Watch the video, then scroll down to see how this applies to your home and to catch your homework for this episode.


The mythological Giant Pangu Separated Heaven and Earth by going through nine transformations, and out of those nine transformations we have nine principles of natural law.

The Nine Principles of Natural Law are:

  • number one, the Tao,
  • number two, Yin and Yang,
  • number three, Chi,
  • number four, Rhythm,
  • number five, the Five Elements,
  • number six, the True Words,
  • number seven, the Chakras,
  • number eight, the Trigrams,
  • number nine, the Magic Square

In Feng Shui we take those nine principles of natural law and we turn them upside down, because in Feng Shui we do things like we’re laying on bricks on a wall, and we have to start from the bottom and build to the top.

We take the Nine Principles – Tao, Yin-Yang, Chi, Rhythm, the Five Elements, Six True Words, Chakras, the Trigrams, and the Magic Square – and then we invert them so we go from the bottom up.

This video is part of the series The Feng Shui Focus – How You Fit, Function and Flourish in Your Space

With these One-Minute Feng Shui Videos you will have a new understanding of life. You’ll learn…

  • where you fit in the universal scheme,
  • why you’re here,
  • what’s your function,
  • what you are meant to do,
  • how to follow your path,

And how you can do it through Feng Shui, while you Turn Your Home into a Dream Home.

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You Need Order in Your Life

When I have conversations with folks who are certified consultants from other schools, they often tell me that they feel lost when they walk into the home of a clients. They notice things, but they don’t know what they should mention first. What is most important? What is most urgent? They don’t know.

That’s because they aren’t working with a system.

To effectively practice Feng Shui or to apply it to your own home, you need a system, a method that goes step by step so that you always know what comes next, what’s most important and most urgent.

Feng Shui is no joke. Your home is constantly influencing you. Without knowing Feng Shui, you can’t control that influence.

Your Homework for Episode 7

Your Homework for Episode 7. Answer these questions:

  1. How successful have you been trying to apply Feng Shui on your own?
  2. What are your three main life goals?
  3. Have you figured out how your home can help you achieve your goals?

Those who answer will get an invitation to join my Feng Shui Rockstars list, to participate in special meetings to chat about Feng Shui, get free I-Ching readings, and be offered amazing deals in products, services and courses.

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