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The single most important thing you need to do for good Feng Shui is to complete the floor plan.

There are four ways in which you can do this with guidance or have me to do it for you:

1 – Get my book Feng Shui Your Own Home here.

2 – Watch the videos in the Room by Room Membership Site here.

3 – Purchase the individual course for Step 1: Complete the Floor Plan here

4 – Get a personal online consultation of your home with me here.

Floor plans need to be completed from the inside and the outside.

Completing the floor plan from the inside is much more important than completing the floor plan from the outside.

To complete the floor plan from the inside we use:

mirrors and

• images with long distance perspective like these.

Completing a floor plan from the inside by using mirrors is tricky. There are a number of things that could go wrong. I don’t recommend you do it without help.

Completing the floor plan using images is much easier.

When you complete the floor plan with an image that has long distance perspective it is important that you choose an image that goes well with the life area that is missing according to the Bagua map.

I have created a series of wall tiles that can help you with this. The image you choose to complete the floor plan doesn’t have to be large, it just has to create the impression that the space continues into the life area you’re trying to complete. See which tiles to use depending on what life area is missing and on which wall to place them here. It is important that you choose an image that not only creates the impression of depth but also goes well with the energy of the life area that is missing.

The image to complete the floor plan doesn’t have to be large to fulfill it’s purpose. However, sometimes it is better for Feng Shui interior design to choose a larger image.

I have created a collection in my new Red Bubble store with images that work great for completing floor plans. Some are photos I have taken in outings with my family, others are paintings I have painted for this purpose, and some are a combination of photographs with digital art.

I put together this collection to help you Feng Shui your home with products. If you click on each image it tells you what life area can be completed with that image. It also gives you the option of getting it in different sizes and on different materials, such as a canvas print, art print, photo print, metal print and even as a post card. Check out the collection here.

Unless you are working with me or another Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant, get one of the images above or below to complete your floor plan. (If you try to choose an image on your own you may end up messing up another aspect of Feng Shui.) Click on any image to go to the store:

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