Clutter, Lack of Goals and Bad Furniture Placement

feng shui furniture

Clutter, lack of goals and bad furniture placement are all part of the Feng Shui problems classified under “Space Arrangement.”

These are different from architectural problems or interior design problems, which we have explored before.

Space Arrangement problems are usually the easiest and least expensive to correct. However, when a home has serious architectural or interior design problems, it is hard to find the exact thing to do in furniture placement.

For example, you might try every possible furniture layout for your family room but it never feels right. The problem may not be in how you are arranging the furniture but in how a nearby staircase (an architectural problem) is affecting the energy of the room. You may keep moving furniture around, but it will never feel right.

So make sure you address issues with architecture and design before you spend too much money or time in space arrangement.

This is what space arrangement includes:


Most home organization experts and even most Feng Shui consultants treat clutter as a problem with having “too much stuff.”

By working with my Feng Shui clients for over twenty years I have confirmed again and again that clutter is actually a problem with lack of beauty.

If you don’t have beautiful furniture, you will clutter. People simply don’t keep ugly things organized.

People only organize beautiful spaces

Your children may dump ugly plastic toy organizers every time, but if you gave them a beautiful storage ottoman to keep their toys in, they’ll do much better.

I have taught parents how to declutter and organize with children as young as two years old.


Many people start vision boards at the beginning of the year but few find them effective. You know why? Because the home is itself a three-dimensional vision board, and one that the Universe listens to more than to a collage.

No matter what positive statements you are trying to make with a collage vision board, they will be overpowered by the statements you make through your home.

In the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System we treat key points in your home – to be exact 9 points – to help you set goals for what you need and want in life.

Your whole home is a vision board, and one the Universe is constantly watching.

Needs and Wants

Your needs stem from the requirements of the body.

Your desires stem from the requirements of your spirit.

The problem is that when your spirit is not in alignment with your life purposes, you end up desiring things that are not good for you. When you set up goals that would not be for your highest good, you’ll feel stagnant because the Universe will try to stop you instead of helping you.

As we take our clients through the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, they come in alignment with their life missions and as a result, the Universe starts working for them. Everything becomes easier, and they become luckier.


To really accomplish what you came to do in this lifetime, you have to feel, comfortable, safe and empowered.

Some furniture placements work better than others.

If your work chair or your bed are placed in a wrong position it becomes really hard to concentrate as you work or to get a good night’s sleep.

Most Feng Shui furniture placement is based on the Celestial Animals formation from Form School Feng Shui. This requires for you to have a solid wall behind your chair or bed and an open space in front of your desk or bed.

Good and Bad Furniture

Some pieces of furniture are Feng-Shui-correct and some are not. Any piece of furniture that is unsafe for any reason is not good to have. Pieces that are stable and have rounded corners are usually better.

Unfortunately, many nice looking furniture choices have bad Feng Shui.

A home should be child proof even if you have no kids and no kids visit you.

Not Just Furniture

For a room to have perfect space arrangement, you don’t just have to have the right furniture. You also need the right lighting, accessories and decorations.

In the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System we have charts that help you put together each room from scratch to make it has everything it needs.

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