Ancestors, Health, Family, Community and Wealth

One main keyword of the life area we call Health, Family and Community is ANCESTORS. Our relationship to our ancestors is considered crucial in Feng Shui, as it affects both our health and our wealth. These short videos illustrate the importance of clearing our family lines, so we can have a happier present and future.

Your ancestors affect your wealth

Ancestor worship – what does science say?

We inherit more than physical traits

The people who hurt you don’t have the power to make you well

If you made it to 21, now it’s up to you!

Forgiveness doesn’t require apologies

All families are somewhat dysfunctional

Why everyone needs to forgive their parents, but not always reconnect

Why you should have photos of your parents at home, no matter how they treated you

Feng Shui and Epigenetics

Your home shouldn’t trigger fight or flight!

Everything in your home is talking to you, make sure they have nice things to say!

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