The people who help me: Stephana

If you are in business or are called to leadership in any way (even as a mom) Stephana can help you gain the tools you need to succeed.

When I met Stephana, I saw myself as a teacher, and the videos, books and articles I produced as teaching aides.

However, she helped me to understand that in today’s world, every business owner needs to use tools that were previously reserved to professionals in modeling or acting. Today, most businesses have to get involved with video and live events, and accept a degree of celebrity.

Even as a mom, you have to make decisions as to what to share and what not to share in social media to craft the image you want the world to see!

Her new book, Model 4 Business, The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Clarity, Confidence, Credibility & Celebrity details the C-4 strategy that she uses with her clients, to get them “explosive” good results. GO HERE to check it out.

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