The Nine Life Areas and the Phases of the Moon

Each of the nine life areas in Feng Shui resonates with a type of energy.

That type of energy is matched to the cycles of nature that have the most affinity with the life area.

This includes the seasons, the times of the day, and the phases of the moon.

You can time your Feng Shui tasks with the right kind of natural energy

When you place a Feng Shui “cure” or enhancement for a particular life area, you can give that life area an additional energetic punch by placing the item in your home during the right season, at the right time, and in alignment with the phase of the moon.

For example, a cure for creativity would best be placed during the early fall, between 6 PM to 9 PM (standard time) and during the waning moon.

Now, many times you don’t want to wait until the next season. For example, if you want to place a cure for creativity in your home and it is March, you probably won’t want to wait until late September to do it. However, waiting for the next waning moon would not be so bad.

Check out the graphic I created for you

For your reference, below is a graphic of how the Feng Shui nine life areas in the bagua map connect to the phases of the moon:

Would you like to learn more?

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  1. Wow I never could’ve imagined that the moon phases would have so much meaning, this is real opens you up to new horizons..

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