How do rich people really dress? Should you fake it till you make it? Feng Shui for wealth.

Many teachers of the Law of Attraction are fans of the phrase “Fake it till you make it.”

They say you have to dress like a wealthy person to give yourself the feedback that you can be rich.

So how do rich people dress?

Many people confuse the way wealthy people dress with glamour photos of famous people and movie stars. But even for celebrities, that is not how they dress on a daily basis.

Watch this video to learn how wealthy people really dress and how you should dress (and not dress) to attract wealth to your life.

And if you’re not interested in finding out how the really rich dress, watch the video to see me shred to pieces my favorite dress.

Shoes Are the Exception

I like to joke that I buy cheap clothes so I can afford expensive shoes. It’s only half a joke.

You bet I like to find cheap clothes. Properly said, they are not cheap clothes. They are high quality clothes that I find for extremely low prices – often at 90% off. I’m really good at finding good deals. I buy great quality clothes for low prices, and I often say no to beautiful clothes if they are too expensive, because I see that as a waste of money. When it comes to shoes, though, it’s a different story.

The truth is that I have finicky feet and I cannot afford to get anything but the best shoes. Most shoes make my feet hurt within seconds of putting them on.

So, yes, I wear brand name shoes, and I don’t ever skimp on prices in detriment of comfort. This doesn’t mean I don’t look for good deals or don’t wait for offers or promotions, but low prices are never my main criteria when shopping for shoes. Also, shoes are one garment you should never, ever buy used.

And this is a trait that I share with the super rich. The super rich always wear great shoes. Wearing good shoes is a sign of treating yourself well. My grandmother taught me early on that a woman needed to know “how to treat herself,” and that getting nice, good quality things for yourself is one way to treat yourself right.

So if you are a fan of “faking it till you make it” save your money for the best shoes.



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  1. Kathy Raybould

    Thanks, Moni, I loved this. right away I thought of a few things that could be rags, if I am really truthful with myself. I will do them one at a time. I have never been a clothes person, meaning I will have maybe 7-10 t-shirts and blouses and 7-8 pairs of pants. I know kind of unusual. I am trying to up the quality of my clothes and your video makes a lot of sense and gives some more inspiration to do that. Thank you

  2. The rags idea is great-also charities like Goodwill shred unsold clothing clothing and sell in bulk to companies that recycle them to make paper and other items…And it’s true what you said about the very rich!

  3. I was so upset to learn that our local charity refuses old underwear. When my late brother died, he had underwear he had only worn a few times. Goodwill used to shred clothing to make rags but I we don’t have one nor a Salvation Army. The idea of cutting the waistbands off was depressing but thanks to Moni, I think I will cut them all up to make dust rags.

    And some of his old shirts and mine too.

    • I think underwear is one of those things that you shouldn’t get second hand, just as shoes. It’s kind of too personal, but they make good cleaning rags.😊

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