Five Worst Feng Shui Cures for Dealing with Bad Neighbors – and why you shouldn’t use them

I have been running searches on Google about what other Feng Shui experts are recommending for dealing with problematic neighbors. Guess what I found? A bunch of baloney mixed up with a couple of common sense cures (that you would already have anyway if you have Feng Shuied your main entrance the way I teach you).

Makes me wonder how some of these people have the gall to call themselves “experts!”

My concern now is that if you have bad neighbors and have tried to find the solution by googling, you may have found one of those sites and are now using “cures” that could backfire on you and your loved ones, or that may create bad karma for you.

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Bad Feng Shui Cures for Bad Neighbors

Bad Feng Shui cures for bad neighbors are bad for the neighbors, but worse for you.

Let me share some samples of very bad suggestions for Feng Shui cures for bad neighbors with you:

  • bagua mirrors
  • bright lights pointed at the neighbor’s place
  • placing a container full of water between your home and the neighbor’s home
  • painting your home white
  • hanging a large mirror facing towards your neighbor’s side wall
  • wind chimes (in some cases)

A Live Teleclass to Learn How to Protect Yourself from Bad Neighbors

In the teleclass Feng Shui Cures to Deal with Bad Neighbors I share with you energetic Feng Shui cures to help with bad neighbors that have worked for myself and many of my clients.

These are tried and true Feng Shui cures to deal with bad neighbors that are:

  1. Customized according to the location of the troublesome neighbors (left, right, back, across, all around)
  2. Designed from a love and above perspective, so they can’t backfire on you and your loved ones.
  3. Free of bad karma.
  4. Easy to implement.
  5. Won’t provoke your neighbors into creating more trouble

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  1. Hi Moni: What is your recommendation for a Bagua Mirror that has a concave mirror in the center of it, or sunk in the center (and not flat or rounded)? Do you have suggestions for that?


  2. Barbara Ruth Campbell

    PURCHASED! Thank you Moni!

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