All Bathrooms Create Feng Shui Problems – All Bathrooms Are Trouble!

All bathrooms create Feng Shui problems for a very simple reason: bathrooms did not use to be part of homes.

In every culture in the world, the original bathrooms (if they had any) were outhouses. Outhouses had to be placed at some distance from the house to prevent bad smells from reaching the living spaces, and also to prevent the contamination of foods.

The way we live has changed greatly since those times, but you probably know at least one person who had to use an outhouse when they were growing up. To mention two famous people: Oprah Winfrey and Trevor Noah.

Oprah has said that people don’t know what it is to be poor unless they have been “outhouse poor.”

Some of the Problems Remain

Although indoor plumbing allows us to have the luxury of indoor bathrooms, with toilets that can be flushed, many of the original problems of the outhouse remain in our modern bathrooms, even though many people may not be aware of them. Smells are still an issue, for example, as are the small amounts of excretions from the body that can end up on the floor and other surfaces.

We also have some new problems that come with technology and advancement: harsh chemicals used for cleaning, sharp blades used for shaving, medications, and the proximity of electrical devices and water. If you do your makeup in the bathroom, that brings a host of other problems, as most makeup is ruined by water.

The video below illustrates many of the reasons the bathroom door needs to be kept shut and the toilet seat and lid need to be kept down!

Child-Proof Homes are Homes with Good Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, we see everything that could be harmful to a baby or toddler as a Feng Shui issue. There are many good reasons why you should keep babies and toddlers out of the bathroom, and the best way to do that is to keep that door closed.

Even if you don’t have children, this rule still applies.

No matter how beautiful your bathroom, that bathroom door still needs to stay closed at all times, and only be opened when you are going in or out.

Even bathrooms that don’t have a window to the outside are ventilated better if the door stays closed. The vent in the ceiling is designed to work even when it is not on, provided that the door is closed.

The bottom line is: keep that bathroom door closed.

This is a small change that will cost you nothing, but will make a huge difference in the energy of your home. All it takes is a little mindfulness, that can get you started on your journey to make your home into a dream home, where you can live your dream life.

But Don’t You Want More than Just a Lack of Problems?

General Feng Shui bathroom advice is great, but for our modern way of life it is not enough. We all want to have a bathroom we enjoy, a bathroom that is beautiful, comfortable, and which gives us good feedback.

In my teleclass on bathrooms you will learn:

  • What are the worst bathroom locations and how to fix them (without having to remodel)
  • How to reduce competition and arguments around bathroom use.
  • How to make sure the bathroom becomes a contributing factor to the energy of a home instead of a drain.

See below for more info!

Learn How to Create a Feng Shui Correct Bathroom

You will not only learn all there is to know about Feng Shui and Bathrooms. I will personally advice you on how to Feng Shui the bathrooms in your home so that they don’t cause you bad luck!

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you already have the habit of keeping bathroom doors closed? Are you opposed to the idea of keeping bathroom doors closed? Is there any reason you think it would be impossible for you to follow this advice?

If money was not an issue, what changes would you make to your bathroom?

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  1. Moni, in my two previous apartments, I always shut the bathroom door because in the first suite, it was right off the kitchen and in the second suite it was in a tiny hallway which led to the bedroom. However, since my last move, because the bathroom is located at the the end of my hall, about 6 feet from my the end of my bedroom and the bedroom door, I have got into the habit of leaving it open. I have a night light in there so that I can find the bathroom at night and, of course, if the door is shut, there is no light…pretty dark at that end of the apartment and there are no electrical outlets in the hallway.

    • Can you put a night light in the hall instead? If not, you might get an LED light to paste to the hallway wall. They are round and they light at the push of a large button.

      • There are no electrical outlets in the hallway as I said…however, now that you mention it, I recall seeing little lights that are battery operated and than can stick to a wall. I will definitely look into it. Thank you for the suggestion, Moni!

  2. I leave my bathroom door open because that is where the cat litter box is. In my home we have one main room which is a living/dining area with a bedroom/office opening off of it. And then a hallway with a kitchen at one end and a bedroom at the other and a bathroom opening off of the hallway in the middle. I can’t think of anywhere else to put a litter box.

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