The Feng Shui Ideal Entrance Door

Are you looking to create a Feng Shui ideal entrance door? You’ve come to the right place. Clear graphics and an explanatory video guide you in how you create the ideal Feng Shui entrance door.

feng shui ideal entrance door

The Feng Shui Ideal Entrance Door

Here is what you need to create a Feng Shui correct entrance.

  1. A remarkable door.
  2. Overhead protection.
  3. Symbolic guardians on the sides, preferably plants with flowers and/or soft rounded leaves.
  4. A light source.
  5. Something that moves and/or makes sound.
  6. A welcome mat (word desirable but not required)

A Remarkable Door

You need a door that is easily noticed from the street.

Overhead Protection

You need an overhang, an awning or porch over your main entrance to protect you from the elements as you come in or leave.

Symbolic Guardians

You need symbols of protection on the sides of the door.

A Light Source

For safety and comfort you need to have a light near the door, so that it is easy to get the key in the door as you come in. Choose a warm source of light. Do not use fluorescent lights, as they are not Feng Shui correct.

Something That Moves or Makes a Sound

Placing something that moves and/or makes a sound near the door increases the vitality and interest around the door. Anything that would attract the interest of a toddler adds good Feng Shui to your entrance.

A Welcome Mat

A beautiful welcome mat is necessary for practical reasons and also for looks. Your mat may need to be replaced yearly. Be honest about the state of your current mat. Sometimes, we get attached to how beautiful a welcome mat used to be, and fail to notice how worn it looks.

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  1. Hi Moni,

    Can you also place two plants inside next to the front door like outside?

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