Post-Christmas Feng Shui Courses Blow-Out!

Today, December 26, my oldest son turns 15. He was almost a Christmas baby.

The other night I was sitting with my family for dinner talking about my post-Christmas special deal.

My idea was to offer 20% off on EVERYTHING on my training website (YES! Including Nine Steps to Feng Shui Consultant Training).

My son suggested that I offer instead 26% since this is the 26th and also his birthday.

So 26 PERCENT OFF it is, but only for one day, starting now and ending on December 27 at midnight, get 26% OFF on any course on my training website. To get this deal use this code: 26PERCENTOFF to save on any courses on my site.

If you wait until the 28th of December, you can still get 25% off with this code: 25PERCENTOFF

If you wait until the 29th, you can still get 24% off with this code: 24PERCENTOFF

If you wait until the 30th, you can still get 23% off with this code: 23PERCENTOFF

If you wait until the 31st, you can still get 22% off with this code: 22PERCENTOFF

If you wait until January 1st, you can still get 21% off with this code: 21PERCENTOFF

If you wait until January 2nd, you can still get 20% off with this code: 20PERCENTOFF

If you wait until January 3rd, you will have missed your chance to save BIG on Feng Shui Courses or programs.


Being decisive is one of the best qualities a person can have.

I sure hope you make your purchase either on December 26 or 27, so you get to save 26%, as there will NEVER be a site-wide discount this large again. Remember to use code 26PERCENTOFF








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