If you are not doing these 3 things, your home has bad Feng Shui! (guaranteed)

I had to write this article today because recently I got feedback from a few students and clients who reported feeling fatigued or lacking energy.

When I asked if they were doing these 3 things every day โ€“ that I had recommended they do โ€“ all of them said “no.”

Somehow, the importance of doing these 3 things got lost in my message, since students and clients concluded doing these 3 things every day was not so important after all.

These 3 things are not hard to do, but they need to be done every single day, or the chi in your home will be drained.

You may have done lots of Feng Shui cures or corrections, you may have added enhancements for all of your nine life areas, you may even have gotten a consultation with me, yet if you are not doing these 3 things, your home can’t have good Feng Shui!

What are these 3 things without which you cannot have good Feng Shui?

1. Putting the Toilet Seat and Lid Down BEFORE You Flush!

When you put the toilet seat and lid down:

  • Your pets can’t drink toilet water.
  • You never have to fish jewelry, watches or your toothbrush out of the toilet.
  • Toddlers can’t try to flush socks or plush animals down the toilet.
  • Your bathroom smells better.
  • Neither you nor your toothbrush get splattered with micro particles of pee and poo when you flush.
  • FENG SHUI: Your money does not go “down the toilet.”

Put the toilet seat and lid down before you flush!

2. Keep the Bathroom Door Closed!

If you keep the bathroom door closed…

  • Small children cannot get to your medicine cabinet, shaver, or harsh cleaners.
  • Your cat can’t shred your toilet paper.
  • Bathroom smells do not impregnate the rest of your home.
  • FENG SHUI: Your home will have more vitality.
  • FENG SHUI: You will have more energy.

Keep the bathroom door closed!

3. Close the Curtains at Night!

You do have curtains, right? Or at least blinds.

Being able to control the views and the amount of light that comes in are essential for good Feng Shui. This requires that every single window in your home have at least one set of curtains or blinds.

When it comes to blinds, rolling blinds, cellular blinds and thick Venetian blinds with rounded edges are OK. Mini-blinds are not.

All horror movies have a scene where the monster or psychopath is looking from the outside into happy moments in the lives of their future victims โ€“ who did not close their curtains or blinds. Movie directors include these scenes because people freak out at the thought of a stranger watching them.

When you close the curtains at night…

  • You save money on energy bills.
  • You do not put your life on display for people to see from the street.
  • Your life becomes cozier.
  • You don’t have to see a dozen black rectangles on your walls.
  • FENG SHUI: You sleep better.
  • FENG SHUI: You have more energy.

No matter how beautiful the view out a window is during the day, a window with no closed curtains or blinds becomes a black rectangle at night.

Close curtains and blinds at sunset!

Chi Drains are Money Drains

In Feng Shui, we see chi drains caused by things like not putting the toilet seat down, not keeping the bathroom door closed, and not closing curtains at night, as affecting two things:

  1. The energy level of the people in that home.
  2. Money.







  1. Why aren’t mini blinds okay?

    • Two reasons: one is the materials commonly used, aluminum or plastic. These materials do not contribute good chi to the space. The other reasons is how sharp they are, so they send cutting energy into the room. I know people who have cut themselves on mini-blinds, similar to paper cuts.

  2. I have vertical blinds all through my two storey home and financially I cannot afford to replace them, what do you suggest?
    Thank you

  3. Dominic Clarkson

    I am really glad after reading such a wonderful article. Please keep posting more info so that we will keep ourselves well informed.

  4. Thankfully I do all those three things.
    Thanks Moni

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