The Real Reason You Don’t Do the Things You Say You Want to Do

Yes I admit it, in the past few weeks I have been pestering you a bit about no longer making excuses. Understanding that excuses are not reasons is the first real step you can take towards achieving your goals.

I have been prompting you to take a good look at your life because this Spring I would like you to dare to imagine who you want to be, and I want you to start taking the right steps to improve your home, so that improving your life becomes easier and more doable.

Today I am revealing to you the real reason you do not do the things that you say you want to do.

The Real Reason You Don’t Do the Things You Say You Want to Do

The real reason you don’t do the things you say you want to do is that you are afraid to change your life for the better.

I am sure you have heard many times that all people are to some degree afraid of change, and that change is inevitable.

In truth, change for the worse is inevitable, but change for the better is optional. Changing things for the better is never an accidental affair. Things don’t just get better on their own. All change for the better is intentional. To see improvement there has to be work. (The right amount of work, at the right time.)

You are afraid to change your life for the better, because you fear that in making the changes you need to make to be happy, healthy and successful, you are going to lose and betray yourself.

How You Can Betray Yourself by Becoming Better

Because you have been using excuses for a long time, you have also indulged in disliking the people who already are doing the things you say you would like to do.

For example, if you think you should lose weight, you may see negative emotions pop up when interrelating with someone who is fitter than you. You may look at a fitness trainer, or any woman who is very fit, and think, “She is probably superficial, or not very bright. All she cares about is her looks.”

If you think you should be making a lot more money than you have been making in the past few years, you may look at people who make a lot more money than you and tell yourself, “They are probably very unhappy in real life and only put on a good face in public.” Or you might conclude that they probably did something unethical to make so much money.

So what happens if you finally lose the weight you want to lose? Will you all of a sudden become superficial, not bright — caring only about your looks?

And what happens if you make a lot more money, will you then become unhappy or unethical?

The judgements you make on other people affect only one person: you.

By judging others because they are already doing what you say you want to do, you may have created the energetic conditions that would make it very difficult for you to make improvements in those areas of life.

Fear of Losing Yourself

Every time you make “I” statements you help shape yourself and your life. Statements that you have been repeating about yourself for a long time, tend to become your reality, even if originally there was no justification for your statement.

If you have said for a long time…

  • I’m just bad at math.
  • I’m a slob.
  • I’m a pack-rat.
  • I’m an underachiever.

…You are setting the stage to be just that: bad in math, a slob, a pack-rat, an underachiever.

These “I” statements become part of the definition of yourself, the being you identify as Your Self.

If being bad at math, or an underachiever, has become a strong component of who you perceive you are, changing these traits could, in your mind, mean losing yourself.

Losing yourself is a type of betrayal. The thought that you might wake up one day and not recognize yourself in the mirror is terrifying.

A Better Version of Your Own Self

Learn to accept that by making positive changes in your life you will be accessing a better version of your own self, instead of betraying who you think you are right now.

Remember the relief you felt when you finally switched the large, bulky tube TV that took so much space in your family room, for a flat screen TV?

You will feel a similar relief when you allow yourself to release that which does not serve you.

The other day I was talking with a lady who had finally upgraded from a dinosaur of a phone — those that you needed to push buttons several times to select a letter — to a smart phone. She had resisted doing this for years, but finally her old phone started glitching. “What was I thinking?” she exclaimed. Everything was easier for her with the new phone. She had no idea why she resisted changing, when everyone around her assured her it would be a good change.

Take Advantage of Natural Energies and Universal Winds

Change will happen, whether you like it or not. Doesn’t it make sense to have a say on what those changes will be, instead of waiting to see what happens?

Take control of your life by getting back the control of your home.

I would like you to take advantage of the natural energy is in the Spring to make a quantum leap in your life and in your home. Most people relate clutter with letting go, which translates into loss.

Decluttering just to let go doesn’t make sense. “Let go so you can have less.” Who wants to do that?

Declutter so that you can:

  • Discover the beauty that lies beneath all the junk that you don’t need.
  • Make room to enjoy your home more.
  • Buy new things you love!

THIS IS the best time to declutter.

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  1. This is another fabulous article and one very appropriate to this time in my life when I am now embarking on yet another move. In the process of beginning to pack up, I am discovering many bits and pieces that I now term as clutter. There is nothing like having to move, to actually get down to the reality of how much “stuff” I have accumulated that I am no longer using any longer.

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