Yes, I Had a Couple of Rough Weeks, BUT I Don’t Joke Around with Luck!

You could say that I have had a rough couple of weeks.

  1. Thursday 2 weeks ago I took my car in for an oil change. Since I had been feeling a bit of a vibration when I hit the brakes, I asked my trusty mechanic to check that out. It turn out 2 parts in the suspension system were worn out and needed to be replaced. $730.
  2. He hoped that this problem had not affected other parts, but it had, and those had to be replaced $230.
  3. Monday I came down with a virus, that decided to make its presence known in the middle of an exercise class!
  4. Wednesday, my cousin contacted me to let me know my 95 year old grandmother was in the hospital with swelling of the right side of the brain.
  5. The next Monday I was driving North on I-275 when a metal cylinder, about one inch high and 5/8″ wide dropped vertically from the sky and cracked my windshield. $252.
  6. The windshield repair guy detected a problem with the battery in my car.
  7. As I was driving home the next day, a large red speeding truck almost hit my car from the back. I was able to avert the accident because I was aware of the rear view mirror. I turned on the hazard lights, blew the horn, swerved to the right. With all these, the driver of the truck missed us by less than a foot, and had to invade the incoming lane.

Sometimes, Bad Things Happen

Sometimes bad things happen because of bad decisions we have made. However, sometimes bad things happen because things in the physical universe deteriorate, like car parts that get old and worn out and then have to be replaced. It is no one’s fault, it was going to happen sooner or later.

What we find of interest, in Feng Shui, is not so much what happens, but the timing of when things happen. So how is this timing interesting for me?

  • This year I turn 50 at the end of May, and even though I have never given much importance to age, society thinks this is a big birthday, and at some level, it is probably affecting me.
  • To tell you the truth, as soon as things started happening — car issues and the virus — I suspected that something must be going on back “home” in Ecuador. I tried calling my grandmother a few times, but the calls would not go through. When “bad things” started happening in my life, she had already started suffering from the symptoms that would end up with her in the hospital.
  • These past 2 weeks I needed to be really focused, as I prepare to launch this Spring’s Group Feng Shui Consultant Training Program. With everything that happened, I wasn’t able to stay in touch, as I would have liked, and create a connection with the participants in the Facebook group that I created with the purpose of helping people figure out if they should become Feng Shui consultants, and if I am the right teacher for them.

Why I Replaced the Windshield Right Away

The piece of metal falling down from the sky really did freak me out. A few seconds faster or slower, and I would have missed it completely, but one split second faster, and the metal piece would have fallen smack in the middle of the windshield, perhaps shattering it.

It fell right at the bottom of my windshield, and originally only caused two 1″ cracks. During the 20 minute drive, one of the cracks grew to six inches. While I was having lunch and discussing with my husband what to do about it, it had grown to over 12″ and at that point it stopped.

You see, after the car trouble of the previous week, I decided that it was time to change cars, and started making plans to get a new car sometime this year. The question was, “Can I live with this crack for a few more months until I change cars?” There was a big temptation to say “yes.” However, as I ran errands with the children that afternoon, I started noticing how much it bothered me to look out into the world through cracked glass. The crack was a constant reminder of the scare and adrenaline shot that I got at the moment of the impact. By the middle of the afternoon I made a phone call and made an appointment to have the windshield replaced the next day.

Don’t Joke Around with Luck

It was the right decision. There are few things that create worse Feng Shui than cracked windows or mirrors. I am sharing this today with you because I want to entreat you to look in your home and make sure that you are not living with cracked glass or mirrors. Even one day with a cracked windshield, showed me how easily our expectations for a good life can decline. If you get used to a cracked windshield, a broken window, a splitting mirror, what else can you get used to? What other things that are not good for you have you gotten used to?

You have a right to be happy, you have a right to be healthy, you have a right to respect.

Part of having control over your life, is assuming responsibility for taking care of the spaces around you. When things around you seem to be collapsing, or falling apart, it doesn’t take long for you to start feeling like your life is out of control or falling apart.

So that is why I had my windshield replaced right away, even though I am planning on getting another car soon.


I didn’t just change the windshield, though. In my early 20’s, one of my healers taught me that when you are well things go well. Conversely, when things are not going well, you need to take a look within, and give yourself the gift of the healing you need.

Feng Shui does not regard luck as chance. Luck is associated with the quality of your vibration, the strength of your energy field.

My energy field probably got weak as I felt the connection with my grandmother weaken, as a result of her illness.

I got THE WORKS. I got a custom distance clearing and healing session with Bill Austin, an Akashic records reading with Stephana Johnson, and a consult with my medical homeopathic doctor in Ecuador. I would have also gotten a Berkal Technique session, but Meredith Harrison was at the time vacationing in an island in the Caribbean.

It wasn’t easy to make the decision to replace the windshield, and it wasn’t easy to make the decision to get the healing. The temptation is always to save money and see if things improve on their own. Sometimes, saving money is not the right choice. Investing in the healing you need is much more important!


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