They Told Her Her Bedroom Was Bad Luck for Her – Here’s What Happened…

Today I want to tell you the story of the girl who was told her bedroom was bad luck for her. Lets call her Lilly.

When I met her, she was taking a year off after finishing high school. She lived with her mom and was wondering what to do next. Her mom had hired a Compass School Feng Shui consultant a year before. Since then, things had started going downhill for her.

For starters, she had gained 30 pounds (in one year!). At the same time, she had lost control of all her stuff. She couldn’t keep up with laundry, and she could only find low paying temp jobs.

“It’s because of my bedroom,” she said.

“What about your bedroom?” I asked her.

“Bad Directions”

She said the compass school consultant had said the room was really bad for her. She had done numerological and astrological calculations for her and her mom. She had said that Lilly’s bedroom was in the worst possible direction for her, the direction of total disaster and death.

When Lilly asked the consultant what she could do about it (was there any cure?), she answered that the room should be avoided as much as possible.
“She told me that I should not use the room for anything other than sleeping,” said Lilly, “since then, I am afraid to go in even to clean up, and most nights I fall asleep on the sofa while watching TV!”

Sure enough, her bedroom was a mess. Lilly had to push with her body to open the door. There wasn’t a single inch of free floor space. To enter her room, I had to extend my foot and set down my big toe and gently push aside the objects on the floor, until I opened up enough room for my whole foot, then do the same with the other foot.

There were clothes and books everywhere: on the floor, on the bed, on the desk, on the dresser, on the night stand.

Putting Order in Lilly’s Bedroom

I suggested to Lilly that we work together for one hour putting some order in her bedroom. We started by sorting out items by category. We made a stack of books, a pile of clothes, we put all makeup and grooming items in a basket.

Then I helped Lilly create some basic criteria on how to choose what to keep and what to let go. For example, how many tank tops did she really need? Surely not 20! I taught her to hold an item of clothing in her hands and ask herself if she really liked the color. I had her feel the fabric and decide if she liked to touch it. Then I had her test the size, did the item fit her right, right now?

Lilly set aside to donate any clothes that:

  • were in colors that she didn’t love
  • were made with fabrics that she didn’t like to touch
  • didn’t fit her well at that moment in time

When we were done, she had 14 large trash bags of clothes to take to the thrift store! By the way, I have 2 great resources to assist you in your decluttering projects. One is the book Declutter Your Own Spaces, the other is the course How to Declutter from the Heart (this course includes the e-book version of Declutter Your Own Spaces.

I taught Lilly how to arrange her bedroom to align with her present goals in life.

Fear and Neglect

Lilly wanted to know if I agreed with the previous consultant that this bedroom was simply bad for her. I told her “no.” The bedroom was never unlucky for her. Luck, in the ancient wisdom from which Feng Shui rose, is a consequence of the quality and strength of the vibration of your energy field.

The proof that the room was not bad luck for Lilly is that they had lived in that home for several years, and for the first five years things had been going just fine for her. Her problems only started after she believed the previous consultant that this room was bad luck for her.

Because she became convinced that the room was bad for her, she let the room go, and that is when things started going poorly in her life. The fear generated neglect, and the neglect generated the bad chi that affected Lilly’s energy and hence her luck.

Set to Be Happy

Before I left that day, Lilly promised me that she would never again put on clothes on her body that didn’t look good and feel good on her skin — not even to go to sleep.

Under my Feng Shui guidance, Lilly’s life bloomed. She went on to get a degree in a healing profession, and she lost the extra weight without even trying.

She is now a happy young woman, who benefits many with her work.

The reason I wanted to share this story with you is because this is one case of many, where people have told me they became convinced something was bad for them because of the conclusions a compass school Feng Shui consultant reached, after doing astrological and numerological calculations.

In one case, the consultant had done nothing other than the calculations and telling the client which areas were “bad for them.” In the meantime, there were glaring shars (poison arrows, sharp corners where walls meet up) in the home that had never been addressed, long and narrow hallways that had not been corrected (they still had the mirror at the end!), and doors that didn’t open all the way (this obstructs chi).

You Make Your Own Luck

You make your own luck, by managing the strength and the quality of your own energy field. When your aura is strong and has a high vibration, even the people aiming to hurt you end up blessing you.

Good Feng Shui can certainly help you keep your aura strong and vibrant, and hence can help you improve your luck. But when you use Feng Shui, make sure to connect to love and above energies only (such as the information I offer in my books, consultations, and courses, and do not succumb to superstitious (dis-empowering), fearful, or weakening beliefs.

If you want to learn more about positive and negative rooms in the home, and why I pay no attention to “good” or “bad” magnetic directions, please watch the video on this page.

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  1. Thank you for the article, Moni – it is really just common sense! I love the practicality and simplicity of your approachโ€‹โ€‹ – how a few small and practical changes can make a big big difference! Love it! Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • These were some of my first clients. At the time, I still sometimes wondered if I should go the compass school way. This case was one of the reasons I didn’t!

  2. Yes, I have always found a compass school approach somewhat confusing, especially in how it caters for families, where several family members can have different favourable directions – I’ve read a couple of books based on compas school before and tried to apply the advice to my home, but always got stuck when it came to practicalities.

    • Some compass school consultants actually advise family members to come in through different doors, or that couples sleep in different bedrooms, because their “positive directions” don’t match. It defies common sense.

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