Take a Quantum Leap into 2017. Feng Shui Can Help You.

You are here for a reason. Either you ran a search online and found one of my sites, or someone referred you to me, or you followed a link on another website, or on YouTube.

You are here because somewhere in your mind and in your heart, is the belief that you can, indeed, improve your life by making small changes in your spaces.


If you didn’t believe this, you would not be here.

You also believe, at some level, that your aspirations and your worries about your nine life areas are expressed in your space.

You are probably confused, or were confused before you found my site, as to where exactly those life areas belong in the floor plan of your home. By the way, I guarantee that if you watch this free course you will kick the Feng Shui confusion for good.

According to compass schools of Feng Shui, this needs to be done by the magnetic directions. Although this method uses a compass and does mathematical calculations, it is a system based on astrology and numerology.

According to form schools of Feng Shui, you align the bottom of the bagua map with the wall that contains the main entrance to the home — this is referred to as the compass of the heart. This system is based on biology.

Which is right? Many people argue about this, never agreeing. Arguing is a waste of time.

A better question is: which one works better?

In my experience, the compass of the heart works much better than the magnetic compass.

The compass of the heart is rooted in the biology of the human body. Indeed, it follows the organization of the main organs on the human torso, according to the five elements. It is really quite fascinating. You can learn more about this by taking the free Introduction to Feng Shui course here.

Even before you knew about Feng Shui, your heart already knew that it was writing its stories on the walls, on the floors, and on every object in your home. Your heart also knew, at some level, that by making small, simple changes in your home, you can change the way you live.

That’s why you are here.

You are here to improve the way you live, by making small, doable changes in your space. But where to start?

When you search for Feng Shui on the internet, you get millions of hits, hundreds of thousands of articles with ideas on things you could do.

I bet you do not want to do hundreds of thousands of things. There’s nothing simple in that!

I only ask that you do 9 things. If you do these 9 things, in the right order, you will get the maximum benefit of Feng Shui, simple as that.

You know what you know, but, have you taken steps to make positive changes in your life? After all, all your new year resolutions will work better with good Feng Shui.

A very inexpensive way to learn and apply Feng Shui is to get my books, though I do recommend that you apply them in this order.

Of course, you can also take online courses. Online courses work better than live courses in many ways, because you can:

  • Pause them any time you wish.
  • Repeat parts that you are not sure you got right the first time.
  • Advance at your own pace.
  • Ask questions and get them answered under each video.

Give yourself the gift of knowledge, either with books or online courses. This is a gift that can never be taken away, and one which grows with time!



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