Yes, I used to live in a trailer (a single wide no less)

Many people think that the day after Thanksgiving is the day Americans spend the most money in stores, but they are mistaken.

The day when Americans spent the most money is today, December 26.

So many people receive money or gift cards for Christmas, and on December 26 they set out to spend that money or use those gift cards. Stores know this. This is why today you will find lots of good deals.

Yes, I Used to Live in a Trailer

December 26 is also the day my first son was born, and yes, at the time we lived in a single wide trailer. This was back when my husband was studying to become a Chiropractor, in Davenport, Iowa. We were still living in the trailer when our second son was born, his due date so close to my husband’s graduation date, that we thought he might have to miss it (the graduation)!

Here is a picture of me first thing in the morning, pregnant with our second son, holding Awan when he was 2. No make up, hair not combed, you can see to the left the mess of toys in our living room. Thank goodness, you cannot see the plastic skeleton that sat on one of our living room chairs, because there was no room for skeletons in our closets, and my husband needed to study bones and joints a lot. This was taken with a digital camera, back when digital cameras were not so good. We didn’t have a lot of money to spend, but I was happy.

Screen Shot 2016-12-26 at 9.56.21 AM

It Isn’t Always Easy!

It is not always easy to keep your home the way you would want to. Things happen: children throw all their toys on the floor, you catch a cold, you feel fatigued. I knew a woman who was so depressed, that she could not handle doing laundry, and drove to the store in her pajamas, to buy new clothes so she could make it to work wearing clean clothes.

By the time this photo was taken, I felt very happy all the time, but right after my first son was born, I had a few months of severe postpartum depression and anxiety. Living in a single wide trailer did not help, not because it was a mobile home, but because it was so narrow compared to it’s depth. At the time, 12 years ago, I still had not mastered doing the Feng Shui of spaces with such an imbalance of yin and yang energies.

My Courses ARE Always Easy

During those months of extreme desperation, I learned that to really help people improve their lives by improving their homes, I needed to cater to those who were not already inclined or excited to declutter and organize or set up house. I needed to design my educational programs to help those who found it hard to even get out of bed or prepare a meal for themselves. If I could help them, then I could help everyone.

That is why my courses are so easy to follow, and the homework, if I give any, is designed to produce the maximum effect, with the minimum effort, which is how you manifest the Feng Shui way — anyway. There is a catch, though, you do have to watch the videos from beginning to end. If you skip from one spot to another, you will not get the full transformational effect.

Making Wise Choices

I hope that today you make wise choices with your money. Get things that are Feng Shui correct — that add to the vitality of your home instead of detracting from it.

For something to be Feng Shui correct:

  • It needs to be something you love or the person you will give it to will love.
  • It has to be something that will not end up becoming clutter any time soon (at least 3 years).
  • It needs to add vitality to a space, when people see it, it should tend to increase their energy levels, instead of decreasing it.

The Gift of Transformation for 2017

I want you to consider today, giving yourself or someone you love the gift of Transformation for 2017.

Online Feng Shui courses:

  • Were designed to be delivered over the internet. You can watch them in an online TV, a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or a smart phone. Basically, from any device that is connected to the internet.
  • They create no clutter, on your space or your devices. The courses are hosted online, and streamed to your device when you are watching (just like when you watch Netflix or YouTube), but they are not downloaded to your device, so they don’t take up any storage memory.
  • You only get one username and password to access all courses you sign up for, so they are easy to navigate.
  • The knowledge imparted can significantly transform your life for the better.

If you really do believe that you can improve your life by making small changes in the spaces where you live and work, check out the courses available on my training website. Make sure to gain knowledge that has the power to transform your life, by allowing you to finally be all you can be, in a way that is gentle, and aligned with your Highest Good.

Watch this free webinar on decluttering:

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