Let Heaven’s Fire Act on Your Life through Feng Shui – Bending to the Will of God


In Feng Shui we talk about 3 levels of existence: Heaven, Earth and Humankind (Thoughts, Action and Emotions). For positive change to happen in your life, you need to address all 3 levels. Change starts by listening to an idea or inspiration you get from Heaven. Then you use emotions to motivate yourself. The emotions lead you to actions. Actions lead to change.

Starting today, and in the next 2 weeks I want to explore the concepts of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Let’s start with Heaven. Heaven is never described in Feng Shui, because it is acknowledged that, while living a human existence, you do not have access to that knowledge, and that some degree of mystery is part of the human experience.

Some Curious Near-Death Experiences

Let me share an interesting datum here, that I learned from Rupert Sheldrake, a scientist that explores the limits of science, and seeks explanations for things considered as ESP (extra sensorial perceptions).

You probably have heard many stories of people who had near dead experiences in our Western world. Many speak of meeting Jesus and/or angels, and going to a city of light, sometimes meeting their loved ones who have passed on. All their accounts share certain elements, which coincide with what our traditional sacred books, artists and writers have depicted as Heaven.

However, according to Rupert Sheldrake, the aspects of the spiritual places that people visit in near death experiences differ by culture. One of the most fascinating is the shared near death experiences of people in India. During the time that people in India are declared clinically dead, they go to a building that very much resembles a government building. In the floor in which they are waiting there are many people sitting at desks, tending to the situation of every individual who has just died. People who have died wait in line or sit on chairs in waiting areas. When the person who is not-meant-to-die-just-yet gets to a desk, the attendant asks for their name, to confirm their identity.

Heaven’s attendant at the desk: Is your name Arush Patel?

Person having the near death experience: No! My name is Aayush Patel.

Heaven’s attendant checks his papers, then turns his head and hollers to his back: This is not Arush Patel. You got the wrong guy! Send him back.

Yes, in the most common Indian near death experience, Heaven looks like bureaucracy!

Your Relationship with Heaven

Even though we do not have specific details about what Heaven is like, in Feng Shui we address your human relationship with Heaven and the evidence, which is plentiful, that Heaven not only cares about you, but is invested in your success.

At the crux of Feng Shui, there is the belief that before you came into life, you made a pact or contract with Heaven.

This contract with Heaven is comprised of your personal agenda (what you wish to experience or accomplish) and what you are asked to do for Heaven and for other people. You get something, you give something.  The relationship with Heaven is reciprocal.

Metal Bends and Obeys

There is a specific life area in Feng Shui that deals with your relationship with Heaven, life area number 6: Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel.

This life area is ruled by the metal element. The main characteristic of the metal element is that it bends and obeys. This malleability of the life area gives you a hint that you live in a “bendable” Universe, a Universe that is fluid, and can adapt to your needs and desires. However, this only happens when your needs and desires are in alignment with your pact with Heaven.

When manifesting teachers tell you that you can “ask for whatever you want” and the Universe is bound by law to deliver, they are missing this very important point: the Universe conspires towards your good, and your good, in this lifetime, is always aligned with what you came to do.

When you ask for things that are bad for you, or that would drive you away from your life missions, the Universe is not on board. Things get stuck, they don’t flow properly.

By the way, if you feel like things have gotten stuck in your life, move 27 things in your home. They don’t have to be big things, and they don’t have to be big moves. For example, you can move your toothbrush holder from the left side to the right side of your sink, or vice versa, and that counts as one of the 27 things you move.

The Will of Heaven is Your Will

The will of Heaven — which in the West we call the “will of God” — is your will. It is what you agreed to do, with God, before you came into life. Therefore, it is always in your best interest to bend to the Will of God. Of course, your ego may resist this!

Some people agonize at the mention of the pact with Heaven — their life mission(s) — because they are not sure what it is. They suffer because they cannot see their life mission clearly. If this is you, what you need to keep in mind, is that for most people, the dots only connect in hindsight. As you look back at your life, you see where everything made sense. You see where the experiences and information you were led to guided you to the fulfillment of your life missions. During most of your life, the only confirmation you can have is that you are on the right path. This is why, often, your life mission is represented by a path, and paths can be used as appropriate cures for life area number 1: Career, Life Mission, and Individuality.

My Story, My Path

When I was 20, I had plenty of spiritual signs that I should study architecture. There was no doubt in my mind that this is what I needed to do. Three years later, I was nudged into enrolling for an experimental workshop within the school of architecture, where I met some of my best teachers. I didn’t know at the time that I was getting the training I needed to one day start my own method and school of Feng Shui, the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System. At the time, I thought I was training simply to be an architect.

Years later, I knew without the shadow of a doubt that I should marry my husband and move with him to his native USA. When I came to this country I found out my 6 year degree counted for almost nothing here. If I wanted to be an architect, I needed to go back to school for 4 or 5 years, and be someone’s associate for 3 years before I could even take the board exams. It seemed like a cosmic joke. What was clear to me was that going back to school was NOT my next right step.

I got a job as a graphic designer for a commercial printing company. In that job, I acquired the skills that later on enabled me to design and illustrate Feng Shui textbooks that are very easy to read, understand and apply. If you have gotten any of my books, by the way, you can ask to join the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Book Buddies Facebook group, where you can ask questions.

When I started learning about Feng Shui, I did not know that I would become a consultant. When I started working as a Feng Shui consultant, I did not know that one day I would be a teacher.

Today, on hindsight, I can see how every event, and every turn of the road, helped prepare me to be your Feng Shui teacher today. As I was walking along my path, though, I only had the knowledge of whether a proposed action was the right next step for me, or not.

Bending to the Will of God

When you bend to the Will of God, God bends the Universe for your benefit! To bend metal, you need heat. Strong metals need to be exposed to fire so that they can be shaped, either by the blacksmith’s hammer, or by pouring them into molds.

The love of Heaven, the love of God, is believed in Feng Shui to be akin to fire. This fire has the ability to bend the Universe, for your benefit, so sometimes things happen that seem to defy natural and social currents. You have learned to call these “miracles.”

Fire is represented by the color red. This is the reason that in Feng Shui we use the color red for metaphysical cures (cures that go beyond the physical). We use it especially to place cures that are only correcting a problem symbolically, because an actual physical cure is impossible to do, or very inconvenient to do.

Let Heaven’s Fire Act on Your Life through Feng Shui

Today I want to ask you to ask your Inner Guidance, what needs to bend or change in your life. I want you to open up to allow Heaven to do some of the heavy lifting for you. Allow the fire of God’s love to melt your resistance to your own good.

Let the Universe, God’s servant, know what it is you need by expressing your goals and desires via Feng Shui. Let the fire of God burn through you, cleansing you of negative emotional and thought patterns. As the new year approaches, let this fire bless you with the seeds for new beginnings.

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