If you had to evacuate your home, what would you take?


As I sit down to write this newsletter on Tuesday night, fires still rage in East Tennessee. Over a hundred homes and many businesses succumbed to the fire Monday in Gatlinburg, only one hour away from where we live.

Though we are safe, we have had wildfires much closer to home, and for the last few weeks we have had so much smoke that there were days when we had to stay inside all day. The air quality, they said, was as bad as the most polluted cities in industrial parts of China.

Thousands of people had to evacuate Gatlinburg Monday, not knowing if there would be a home waiting for them when they came back.

I couldn’t help wonder what we would do if we had to evacuate. What things would each of us take with us in the cars to save them from a potential fire? The baby photo albums, for sure, and this computer and its backup hard drive — those would be the first things I would want to take with me. The boys, I am sure, would take their favorite plush animals, and other loved toys. My husband would take the hard drive with his patient files, and his favorite books on martial arts. A few changes of clothes for each of us, canned food. That would be it.

What Would You Take if You Had to Evacuate Your Home?

So much love would be left behind — the love we have put on these walls, on these floors, on every piece of furniture. Have you ever stopped to think what you would take with you during an evacuation?

Sitting in my office, I can hear the wind, and the promise of rain that will bring relief to firefighters and residents of the areas affected.

We have had a drought that lasted over a month. Most of the fires were the consequence of arson. Some of them resulted from the carelessness of campers or smokers. Several of them where started on purpose, with the intent to cause damage. One man was arrested for starting several fires so that he could then film himself as if he was a weather man. So much destruction has happened because the conditions of the environment and the lower aspects of human nature converged.

A Bad Intent Needs a Bad Environment to Prosper

I want you to think about this: without the extremely dry environmental conditions, the fires would not have spread in the devastating way they did. Without the carelessness, stupidity or malice of people, this tragedy would not have happened either.

Do you see now why it is so important that you create a calm and peaceful environment at home? A bad environment tends to make all your negative emotions and thoughts stick. The more they stick, the more despondent or desperate you are likely to become. From there, a dwindling spiral. A good environment makes it easier to dismiss negative emotions and thoughts. In a good environments hopes for the future and goals are magnified.

Feng Shui is different from just about all other healing arts, in that it works from the outside in. Improve your home and you will eventually see improvements in your life — every time, no exceptions.

Feng Shui Home Improvement

Feng Shui home improvement, however, is more complex than the kind that happens with a good contractor and a building supply store. Feng Shui home improvement requires you to learn how to read the messages your home is giving you about your life, and what small changes to make in order to produce positive changes in your life. The ultimate goal is to establish a positive feedback loop between you and your home.

You know that I offer Feng Shui Consultant Certification Courses, but not everyone is meant to practice Feng Shui as a profession.

To apply Feng Shui to your home and/or business, I offer these other options:

Ah! It’s raining now. A good omen. Some reprieve for our mountains, the people, animals and plants living there.

Evacuate Your Life (only the bad parts)

Back to you: I want you to think about your need to evacuate, and I want you to consider evacuating the unhappy aspects of your life. Why keep doing at all, the things that make you unhappy, the things that are not good for you?

Evacuate bad habits. Evacuate negative mental and emotional patterns. Try something different, try something new.

Learn what you need to learn, practice what you need to practice. Do the things that make you feel fulfilled and happy.

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