What’s In Your Soul? The Feng Shui of Your Soul

A few years ago my youngest child was quite taken with a plush animal of a black cat, with lopsided eyes, at the store. I bought it for him, and he called it Blackie.

From the beginning, he gave Blackie a personality, likes and dislikes. Blackie goes with us on field trips, wants to be in the middle of everything, and expresses his opinions about stuff.

We interact with Blackie so much in our games, that sometimes it feels almost as if it was alive. The reason for this feeling we get, is that Blackie has been charged with chi. Every time my kids play with him, every time our family puts our attention on this plush animal, we charge it with chi. The love we have all put in it — it shows.

You have probably had this feeling with spaces some time. Think about how different the breakfast area in your kitchen, which gets used every day, feels compared to a dining room that only gets used on holidays. The former feels more alive than the latter, because it is charged with chi.

Blackie’s birthday is coming up, so the boys told me he wanted to get a black wizard’s cloak for his birthday, because he had been listening to the audio book of “Harry Otter.”

They presented me with this design:


Yesterday afternoon we sat under our maple tree while I sewed the cloak. You can see the completed project below:


What is a Soul?

In our Western culture, we use the words soul and spirit interchangeably. However, in the school of thought that underlies Feng Shui, the soul is considered the product of the spirit inhabiting a body. The spirit is the contribution of Heaven to human life, and the body is the contribution from the Earth. When they combine, there is a human soul.

The spirit resides, in its pure form, only in the hollow spaces of your heart. That is why be believe that it is so important to check with your heart before making important decisions.

So when I ask the question, “What’s in Your Soul?” I am really asking, what is in the wonderful combination of your spirit and body?

What’s in Your Soul?

Who you are, as a spiritual being, is who you mean when you say or think “I.” You came into this life with purposes, or life missions. Those life missions are part of what is called your contract or pact with Heaven. Heaven is continually and constantly sending you help to fulfill your missions, in a state of happiness and health. However, in life, things happen. Things that hurt your feelings, that eroded your trust in life, things from which you need to heal. Some of these events, may have gotten you off track regarding your life missions.

Part of your happiness and health is chi. When chi is healthy and abundant in your home, there tends to be happiness and abundance in your life.

Your life happens in the spaces that are created and suggested by your furniture. If your furniture embraces you, and gives you good feedback about your life, things tend to go well. However, if your furniture is arranged in ways that are not auspicious, things tend to get blocked.

You have most likely arranged your home in ways that give your conscious minds clues about the current state of your soul. Fortunately, Feng Shui is a healing art that works from the outside in, and by working on your space arrangement, you may influence the state of your soul.

As you choose the furniture for your home, as you arrange it in every room, not randomly, but with purpose, you can heal your soul through Feng Shui.

I hope you have enjoyed this series on “What’s in a Home?” If you feel moved, from your heart, to continue your studies in the area of Space Arrangement, consider taking the course Setting Up House – Room by Room. Please visit this page to learn more about the course. Watch the promo video to get a general idea of what this course can do for you.




  1. I absolutely loved this little missive, especially the way in which you expressed your experience of this little “totem” called Blackie, your son’s little toy. I resonate very deeply with your story because I too experienced that with my son and his love of “Socker”, his sock monkey and “Cookie”, the puppet Cookie Monster from Sesame Street. These two little, very well loved soft toys, went to bed with him and everywhere else in his life. Precious memories, to be sure.

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