Feng Shui for Your Home Office (and much more) with Moni Castaneda


I had the honor of being interviewed by Janine Og  of Get it Done Mum! Janine and her business partner Jo Foster help mothers create or strengthen their own businesses while keeping family harmony.

We talked about how moms can arrange their home offices for efficiency so they can grow their businesses while raising their kids.

Here’s what Moni and J9 cover in the interview:

  • Transitioning an offline business to a fully online practice
  • How Moni used feng shui to make herself happy
  • A tour of Moni’s home (watch the video starting from around 16:35)
  • The correlation between space and mess
  • Why you shouldn’t use plastic around the house
  • Setting boundaries with your kids and why it’s important to keep your work area sacred
  • The argument for a smaller house
  • The best position for your desk, and what Moni thinks about standing desks.
  • Moni’s two secrets for consistently generating leads online
  • The importance of really defining your target market

Resources we talked about:


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