What’s In a Desk? The Feng Shui of Desks

What’s in a desk? Every item in your home has its own Feng Shui. Let’s explore the Feng Shui of Desks.

Do you remember the desk in the home where you grew up? What was it made of? Wood, metal, press-board?

A long time ago, the main function of desks was writing letters. People used ink and feather pens, then fountain pens.

The first desk I remember was made of metal, and the drawers made an awful racket when they opened and closed. We lived in a cold area, so the desk was usually cold to the touch. It was teal, and the top was covered with light blue Formica. On top of it there was always a typewriter, that my parents used for their businesses.


A desk holds memories of how paperwork and bills were handled in a home.

Many children were forbidden from getting close to the desk, and often were curious as to what was kept on those top drawers, under lock and key.

If you went to high school before the computer age, you probably remember typing papers on a typewriter, on your family’s desk.

Unless you were at work, a desk was not a place where you spent a lot of time.

How times have changed! Today, many people spend a lot of time sitting at their desk, interacting with their computers. This interaction is no longer limited to work. Now memories of desks are also connected to movie watching, game playing, and socializing online.

For other people, the functions of the desk are disappearing in their homes, as they carry their laptops and tablets around the home with them. For them, the desk has simply become the place were they charge their devices and pile up papers. If you have trouble with piles of paper, this article might change your life! Read it here.

Furniture stores now offer fancy contraptions as desks, such as corner units. These arrangements usually are terrible ideas for homes. They are too bulky, and hence kill the active space in a room, and they force the person to sit in an unfavorable position.  When sitting at your desk, you should be in the power position. Click on this link to learn more about the power position.

What memories do desks evoke for you? Share below with a “reply,” or join the Facebook Group: Feng Shui Journeys

In the Facebook group Feng Shui Journeys I will share more memories from my childhood and teenage years around desks. I hope you will also share what desks say to you, the good and the bad, and how you plan to arrange your desk in your home to create happy memories in your Feng Shui of Desks.










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