How Much Wealth Can You Handle?

How much wealth can you handle?


One reason people stop themselves from increasing their wealth, is that deep down they do not want to make the changes, or assume the responsibilities, required by increased wealth.

Let me explain:

  • People in cultures all over the world associate wealth with a large house, and you may be thinking that you would like to live in a larger house. However, have you considered the following? A house twice the size of the home in which you live today would take about twice the time to clean, and that time will have to come from somewhere. Will you take that time out of your reading time, your relaxing time, or your watching TV time? Unless, of course, you pay for someone else’s time to clean your house (nothing wrong with that as long as you treat them well and pay them fairly!) Well, that money has to come from somewhere too. Twice the space to clean also means that your household budget for cleaning products will double. Large houses tend to have more than one story, so you may have to go up and down steps a lot more than you do now. Your insurance will go up, as well as your taxes. You may need to get an alarm system, too. Are you prepared for all that? Visualizing the realities of increased wealth can help us manifest more wealth, and this is especially true of manifesting a house.
  • Another common association with wealth is a luxury car. Do you dream of getting a luxury car? Nothing wrong with that! But, have you considered all that comes with that luxury car? A higher insurance bill, for sure, and even extra insurance and riders that you might want to get. If you ever hit someone from the back, in your luxury car, you will be much more likely to be sued. All the maintenance for you luxury car will cost more, as well as the parts for repairs. With a luxury car, you may be a lot more picky regarding parking spaces. You might even choose to park the farthest from the store, so as to reduce the risk of other cars denting your beautiful expensive car as they carelessly open their doors! But then you might worry about theft. Depending on the state of car theft in the area where you live you may want to spring for an alarm with a satellite tracking system. Are you prepared for all that? But what if the car that would make you the happiest is a different car from what you have visualized? Manifesting a car the Feng Shui way, can assist you in finding out your perfect next car.
  • When I ask people why they want more wealth, a common answer is “to travel.” When I ask them to be more specific, they will say either a weeks long road trip across the USA, or trips abroad. If you want to travel in any of these manners, then you need to have access to plenty of time off for which you will not be penalized. If traveling is a goal, the manner in which you acquire greater wealth is paramount. For example, you could get a job that pays you much more than your current job, but does not give you enough time off. If you make more money bu starting your own business, it may be years before you can actually take any significant time off.
  • How about jewelry? Do you dream of having expensive jewelry? You may want to have it insured. You may also need to get a safe to keep in your home, or pay for a security box in your bank.

Increased wealth comes with a different lifestyle than you enjoy today. This is the true reason why so meany people self-sabotage any of their attempts to grow their wealth — they do not want to make the changes that a change in lifestyle requires.

Many people are afraid that increased wealth will make them unhappy. Yet, wealth should grow with time, because it is what it does naturally (in other words, if your wealth is not growing, you are doing something wrong), just like healthy trees (which, by the way, are the Feng Shui symbols of wealth).

Change is inevitable: things either get better, or they get worse, but they never stay the same.

The Feng Shui Manifesting Course devoted 7 modules (28 lectures) to wealth and money. Each module is sold separately for $299, but you can get the 7 modules for just $497 ($1596 in savings!) But more important than saving money, you will give yourself the chance to change the way you feel about wealth and money in a positive way. Manifesting the Feng Shui Way is about allowing your high self to guide you to increase your wealth and make more money, in a way that is aligned with your life mission and with your purposes as a spiritual being.

With these package you get these modules:

  • How to Manifest Money for a Training or for Professional Services
  • How to Manifest Money for the Purpose of Having More Money
  • How to Manifest the Money to Pay for a Large Debt
  • Manifesting More Wealth
  • Manifesting a New Car
  • Manifesting Your Dream Home
  • Manifesting a Trip Abroad

Many Blessings!

P.S. Remember, the advice in this newsletter, website, books, videos, social media, etc. is not meant as, or to replace, medical or psychological treatment of any kind, nor to discourage you from getting such treatments. This advice is also not meant to replace any other professional advice, such as financial advice. Feng Shui simply focuses in creating the environments where you can have more happiness and success in all areas of life.







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