Declutter Apathy


According to Feng Shui, the only space in the body where your spirit can reside, without lowering its vibration, are the hollow spaces in your heart.

When you know this, advice to “follow your heart” acquires a whole new meaning!

The heart is ruled by the fire element. The fire element also rules the small intestine.

When the fire element is depleted, there is apathy. When the fire element is hyper, there is either excessive exhilaration or workaholism — “trying too hard.”

When the fire element is in harmony, there is contentment and joy.

The fire element rules 1 life area in Feng Shui:

Fame, Reputation and Social Life

There are 2 types of clutter, located in 2 spaces in the home, that block the chi (life force) of the fire element.

Continue reading to find out which, and also what type of body clutter is connected to the fire element.

The types of clutter that block the fire element are:

  1. Makeup and toiletries that you do believe to be bad for you, for animals, or for the environment.
  2. Media — books and music — that you keep, but don’t even like.

The 2 spaces in the home that indicate issues with the fire element, if they have clutter in them are:

  1. The family room.
  2. The back yard.

The clutter in the body related to the fire element is:

  • Arterial plaque.

To declutter apathy, stop using makeup or toiletries that you believe are bad for you, for animals or for the environment.

To declutter apathy, let go of music and movies that you don’t even like.

There is no excuse for clutter. Learn how to manage your clutter:

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