Declutter Grief


You never get over grief. How could you stop missing your grandmother, or be happy that your marriage failed?

All attempts to get over grief are futile, and sometimes destructive to the soul. The Feng Shui approach, is to transmute grief into nostalgia.

Nostalgia is the bitter-sweet feeling that you have when you think about the past. There will always be a sense of loss, because your memories evoke that which is no more, but if your memories make you smile — because your natural tendency has become to call forth memories of happy times, rather than memories of sad or troublesome times — then you know you have healed.

If you lost a pet, and when you think about him or her the memories that come to mind are of their last days and how they suffered, you are still grieving, but if the memories that pop into your mind at the mention of the pet’s name are of all the happy, wonderful moments you shared, you are no longer grieving. You are experiencing nostalgia, a healthy emotion.

If grief has turned you into a cynic, then you have not healed.

Both grief and cynicism indicate that there are problems in the metal element. The metal element rules:

  • the lungs
  • the large intestine
  • the skin

The metal element rules 2 life areas in Feng Shui:

  • Children, Creativity and Fun
  • Helpful People, Spiritual Life and Travel

There are 2 types of clutter, located in 2 rooms in the home, that block the chi (life force) of the metal element.

The 2 types of clutter are:

  1. Unpaid bills or legal documents in disarray.
  2. Art supplies that are no longer usable.

The 2 rooms in the home are:

  1. Children’s rooms.
  2. Arts and crafts rooms.

To declutter grief, work to control your paperwork. By the way, did you know that there is only one way to organize paper?

To declutter grief, let go of tubes of paint that have gone dry, or paint brushes with things dried up on them. Did you know that keeping unusable art supplies blocks your creativity? Click here.

To declutter grief, encourage your children to let go of toys they no longer use, and those that are broken and cannot be repaired. (Broken toys are really sad!)

There is no excuse for clutter. Learn how to manage your clutter:

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