Resolution No. 5: Sleep Better

This article is part of a series called, “New Years Resolutions Worth Having.”

Today, I am sharing with you a tip for resolution number 5: Sleep Better


According to Feng Shui, a person cannot have a restful sleep if chi (life force) is not circulating through the home in a harmonious manner.

There is one feature, present in most modern homes, and almost non-existent in Victorian era homes, which always disturbs the circulation of chi.

Resolving this one issue, usually results in improved sleep.

So what is the feature that it is so important to control in order to sleep better?

Shars or Poison Arrows

To sleep better, take care of shars (poison arrows) in your home. Shars are sharp corners generated by walls (and some times large pieces of furniture) when they meet at 90° or less.


In modern homes, the corners of walls where the drywall meets are joined with metal pieces to create a sharp 90° angle. Chi travels alongside a wall, and when it gets to the corner, it meets the Chi traveling on the wall on the other side. As these two currents of chi meet, turbulence is created, much in the same way as you always find turbulence when two streams or rivers meet and merge.

The traditional cure for shars is to place a tall plant in front of the sharp corner, provided that after you do this, there is still enough room to walk around the corner. When it is not practical to place a plant, you can use rounded corner covers, strings of beads, or colorful decals that make people more alert when around the corners. Please click here to watch some videos on how to cure shars.

Even if you do not believe in Chi, consider this:

  • Sharp corners can cause harm when a person runs into them. I know a woman who broke a toe when she hit it on such a corner, and I know of a boy who ran right into it and split his forehead.
  • Sharp corners are not pretty to look at.
  • Any cure that you use to take care of shars can add to the beauty of your home.


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