Let Me introduce You to 3 of My Friends

Today I would like to introduce you to 3 dear friends of mine.

These are 3 friends I love and admire, and who have on different occasions been extremely helpful to me and my family with their healing gifts.

My friend Bill Austin practices Vibrational Distance Healing. Before I met Bill, I didn’t even believe that distance healing was possible, or that it could be as effective as I have found it to be. Out of the many healing sessions that Bill has done for me one that stands out is a custom session he did for me, which included one-sided karma amelioration. You can lessen the karma you have with another person, even if that person is reluctant to work on their issues. Of course, you cannot do a session on them without their consent, but you can always work on your side of the issue. In this recorded chat we talk more about this and about the projects that Bill and I have worked on together, such as the Feng Shui cures books and the Angelic Feng Shui Training. You can watch or listen to our conversation on vibrational distance healing here.
My friend Meredith Harrison McKay is the only person in the US certified to practice the Berkal Technique, a method for releasing emotional trauma from the unconscious mind. Meredith has helped clients who suffered from PTSD, agoraphobia, anxiety attacks, and depression. She helped me release the emotional trauma from a mass shooting that happened very close to us. I found that the Berkal Technique is one of the best methods for releasing emotional trauma, and much faster than conventional alternatives. The Berkal Technique clears issues in large batches, instead of addressing them one by one, and you do not have to relive every instance of emotional trauma in order to clear it. It can be done over the phone or via video chat. Meredith is also my reference for mental and emotional health, because she grew up in a very functional home, where each parent did the part that they set out to do and where she was always loved, treasured and respected. To watch or listen to our conversation, click here.
My friend Stephana Johnson and I have not met in person (yet) but she is my best friend. Ever since we connected and started working together in the project The Path to Forgive, my life has been getting better and better, with her friendship and support. Stephana used to be a top model, but now that she is a mom she owns a holistic fitness studio in Vancouver, Washington, very close to Portland Oregon. She also practices a number of healing modalities. What have been most helpful to me are her Akashic Records Readings. As a consequence of the readings I came to very important realizations about myself and how things from my past were continuing to affect me. To find out what the Akashic Records are and how they could help you, listen to or watch our conversation here.

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