Decluttering Latina Style?

A participant in the Feng Shui Manifesting Course, who over the course of the last year has become a good friend, suggested that I write a little book on tidying up, in the style of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

My friend thought that I could, like Marie has done, intersperse tidbits of my life growing up and how I developed the Nine Steps to Feng Shui Method of Decluttering.

My immediate thought was “I don’t want to depress anyone!”

“But your story has a happy ending,” she said.

True, but I wondered, how many people would go for a book titled: “The Latina’s Method of Decluttering and Organizing?”

That, to me, was like imagining a man from Japan trying to start a dance-based fitness craze, such as Zumba Fitnessยฎ. Zumba works because its creator is Latin, and us Latin people are most famous for partying.

Japanese culture is often represented by the simplicity of the tea house or the sparse rock garden, so it makes sense to market a tidying up method as “Japanese.”

When you think of Latin culture, or of a Latin woman do you immediately think of a tidy house? Or do you think of salsa dancing?

Yet Latin women are some of the most accomplished housekeepers! Does this surprise you? In Latin culture, keeping a house is still considered one of the most important skills for a little girl to learn from a very early age. Many modern households now emphasize these skills for boys too.

We also have a very strong culture of decluttering, only we call it “helping the less fortunate,” and we are very serious about it.

Decluttering is seen as one of the most basic forms of human decency. It is in fact considered almost a sin to keep things that you do not love or use, because you are actually keeping other people from enjoying them or using them.

So while I will probably never write a book on the magic of tidying up the Latin way, I do have lots of great decluttering tips and organizing systems to share with you in the upcoming class Declutter from the Heart.

You can go to the gallery page on the class site to take a look at the curriculum. Click here to see what topics will be addressed every week in this 12 week class.

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