Resolution No. 3: Get More Vitality!

ResolutionsSlideshowPics.007 This article is part of a series called, โ€œNew Years Resolutions Worth Having.โ€

Today, I am sharing with you a tip for resolution number 3: Get More Vitality!

Without an adequate amount of the life force (chi) infusing your home, there is no way to have vitality.

So what is the one spot in your home that regulates the entrance of chi?


How can you make sure that plenty of chi arrives at that spot so it can come in?


Your main entrance is the spot where most of the chi comes into your home.

For most homes the front entrance is the main entrance, even if you use another door more often. If you have doubts whether your front entrance is your main entrance, check out this page to find out.

To make sure that enough chi reaches your main door, so it can come into the home, your door needs to be attractive to a child. Chi likes, and is attracted by, the same things that small children like.

Use bright colors, plants, garden art, mobiles, chimes, and any other objects that children love, to attract chi to your main door.

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