Resolution No. 2: Open Up to Receive Blessings


This article is part of a series called, “New Years Resolutions Worth Having.”

Many of my clients, when they first start their Feng Shui path, have been actively, though unconsciously, working against themselves. One way they do this is by preventing opportunities from finding them.

So what is the one aspect of your home that symbolizes the power of opportunities? And what could you be doing wrong with it so that you are unconsciously pushing opportunities away?


To open up to receive blessings, make sure the numbers on your mailbox are easy to find and read.

First time visitors and packages arrive at your home aided by the numbers on the mailbox. Opportunities need to be able to find you, too.

If when people are trying to find your home they walk or drive around aimlessly, trying to find your house, and end up finding your home by elimination (because it is in between other house numbers), or they have to call you to make sure they are at the right place — you have seriously bad outside Feng Shui.

Make sure that the numbers on your mailbox are in good condition, easy to find for first time visitors, and very easy to read, even at night.

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