2016 – The Year of the Fire Monkey for Each Animal Sign


On February 8, I published an article about the general characteristics of 2016, the Year of the Fire Monkey. If you missed that article, you can read it here.

Today I am sharing with you how the general energies of the year will mesh with the particular energy of your Chinese horoscope animal sign.

The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Rat Sign

Year of the RatPeople born in the Year of the Rat tend to thrive with the socializing tendencies of a Monkey year, and enjoy the emphasis on activity. However, this is a Fire Monkey year, and an aspiration of Fire is that all live with propriety and transparency. This upsets the Rat’s attraction for all things clandestine.

This is a good year for Rats to start businesses and settle down in love partnerships. If you were born in the year of the Rat, take advantage of the energies of this year to repair broken relationships with family members.

The energy of the Monkey may be too active for you, though, so make sure to plan your days according to your needs, and do not let your imagination run wild, because the Monkey can make things seem more exciting than they actually are.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Ox Sign

Year of the OxThe year of the Monkey should be more compatible with the nature of the Ox than the ending year of the Goat. The honesty and transparency in all the Ox’s dealings will recommend her in all her endeavors. Promotions become easier for the Ox in a Monkey year, as well as recognition for her hard work.

If you were born in an Ox year, be careful that the Monkey does not push you into overexerting yourself. You know best what pace is best for you, and when you need to take a break or rest.

Listen to other people’s advice with an open mind, and then make your own decisions. The key to your happiness this year is to achieve a balance between passion and stability. Your diligence is one of your greatest assets.

Make an effort to socialize a little more this year, and do not dismiss people too easily simply because they are different from you. You will reap the rewards of a stronger social circle. Remember that there are many benefits in social life other than friendship, especially for business. Take advantage of connections that can help you further your life mission. Making an effort to connect with people who are diverse can bring you unexpected blessings.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Tiger Sign

Year of the TigerA Monkey year tries the patience of the Tiger. The Tiger does not like the impulsiveness and rapid changes of the Monkey. He would much rather focus on clear objectives and work towards attaining his goals.

If you were born in the year of the Tiger, you will have to compromise this year, to avoid troublesome confrontations that will only exhaust you and not produce the results you desire.

In business, you will need to engage in careful planning, and review your results at every step of the way, so you do not fall prey to “monkey business.”

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Rabbit Sign

Year of the RabbitThe great creativity of the Rabbit will feel at home in the year of the Monkey. It is a good year to expand ideas. In a Monkey year, the Rabbit needs to be on the lookout for those who would want to take advantage of her in business dealings.

If you were born in a Rabbit year, you may want to plan a few retreats to the country, so you can replenish your energy in nature. The loudness and boisterousness of the Monkey may irritate your sensibility. Be careful to not strain family relationships unnecessarily.

This may not be a year when you can shine easily, but if you take care to withdraw from crazy social activity when you feel you need it, you can continue advancing and not be upset by the Monkey.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Dragon Sign

Year of the DragonThe natural charm of the Dragon jives easily with a Monkey Year. The Dragon finds lots of opportunities for success in such a year. However, the Dragon is already impulsive, and the Monkey augments impulsiveness.

If you were born in a Dragon year, you need to stop yourself and deliberate plenty before making decisions, because otherwise the Monkey may make things seem too easy to accomplish, and this may lead to rash decisions.

This year is better for you than last year. Some relationships problems of the past may become more harmonious this year.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Snake Sign

Year of the SnakeThe Snake can expect great social success in a Monkey year. To avoid turmoil, the Snake needs to keep objective and listen to her intuition before making important decisions.

If you were born in the year of the Snake, you may feel tempted to argue a lot this year. Beware of jumping to conclusions too quickly, before you have all the facts, and rely on diplomacy, which is natural in you, instead of confrontation to solve problems.

Avoid people who do not uplift you, and keep your relationships honest and open. This is a good year to strengthen pre-existing relationships, as well as for meeting lots of new people. Social life is likely to be easy for you in a Monkey year.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Horse Sign

Year of the HorseIn the year of the Monkey, Horses can experience lots of good times with their loved ones. This can also be a good year to expand their social circles. This is a Fire year, and the fixed sign of the Horse is also Fire. For this reason this may be a year when passions run wild.

If you were born in the year of the Horse, you will need to adapt to changes quickly in the year of the Monkey. Do not let your ambitions blind you to potential risks. This is not a year to encourage selfish inclinations, but rather to emphasize cooperation and generosity. You need to channel your power to make the best of your innate gifts. Choose a path that allows you to reach your goals while blessing the lives of others.

It is important that you speak your mind, and stand your ground when you need to stand your ground. Curb your impulses to run wild and cultivate an awareness of your surroundings. Keep a constant dialogue with reality.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Goat Sign

Year of the GoatThe gentle nature of the Goat may feel unsettled by the speed and intensity of Monkey energies. This year the Goat will need to set time aside to replenish and nourish herself. This is a year that supports the creativity of the Goat, and many opportunities to enhance your social circle will be presented. Goats thrive in small groups, but that doesn’t mean that they cannot enjoy a vibrant social life.

If you were born in the year of the Goat, be careful that you are not carried away by crazy ideas. You may be offered a number of opportunities for new projects or business ventures, and may feel the pressure to decide quickly, but you need to take the time you need to make sure that your decisions resonate with your life mission, and that more assertive signs do not try to push you to make rash decisions, or take advantage of you.

Do not let other people side track you with their dramas. You need peace of mind to thrive. If you stay centered in your values and your purpose, the Fire aspect of this year will help you make steady progress in all your endeavors.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Monkey Sign

Year of the MonkeyThis is a year when the Monkey can progress rapidly. The Monkey’s imaginative mind thrives in a Monkey year, and monkeys can come up with innovative ideas to solve problems that seemed overwhelming in past years.

If you were born in the year of the Monkey, this is the best year for you to bring forth your authentic self. Contrary to what many people think, “your year” is not necessarily a lucky year for you. This year all of your natural tendencies will be enhanced, both the positive and the negative. You can have a great time as long as you do not over extend yourself.

Resist the temptation to advance in leaps and bounds, but rather advance carefully. This year has good potential for financial success, especially if you partner with people who seek highest good.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Rooster Sign

Year of the RoosterThe Year of the Monkey is a good year for the Rooster to take stock of his life and reorganize things according to his values and priorities. It will be wise for the Rooster to surround himself with people who are reliable and can see things from different angles than him.

If you were born in a Rooster year, you need to remain flexible in the year of the Monkey. Cultivating humility will help you keep your feet on the ground. Organizing your surroundings can help you create the stability you need to counteract the constant desire for change of the Monkey.

If you do not allow the energies of the year to take you off balance, this can be a good year for career advancement. Work on improving your reputation and do not get flustered when the energies of the year shift too quickly for your taste. It is OK to take a step back and analyze a situation before taking further action.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Dog Sign

Year of the DogDogs are nothing if not loyal, and defenders of justice. Their tendency to have doubts and anxieties can be more intense during Monkey years, because they lack stability.

If you were born in the year of the Dog, you need to cultivate patience this year, and steer clear of any dealings that seem shady. Understand that you may not be able to stop the changing energies of the Monkey, which to you may appear like chaos. Give other people their space and allow them to be who they are. This may come as a challenge to you because you have a tendency to want all the people you love to be be aligned with you in values and beliefs. It can expand your heart to accept that other people may be different, but you can still love them as strongly as ever.

Routine and perseverance are important factors in your career advancement. Be open to the idea that people may want to help you, and that not everything good has to come from hard work.

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The Year of the Fire Monkey and the Pig Sign

Year of the PigThe tranquil but friendly spirit of the Pig meshes well with the sociability of a Monkey year. When confronted with the turbulence of Monkey years, Pigs do well to trust their inner instincts.

If you were born in the year of the Pig, pay close attention to paperwork and legal matters this year. Take action to make sure everything is as it should be. You have a tendency to let things go and hope that in the end all things will fall in their right places, but remember that sometimes you need to take action to improve your life and the lives of those you love.

This is a good year for you to break up with negative patterns from your past, no matter how deep their roots, as the Monkey helps release the past and move on towards a better future. Trust your inner strength and have faith that help will come to you when you need it. Take responsibility for your own life and health. Be honest with yourself about your past mistakes, so that you can make better choices in the future and be OK with yourself.

Work on increasing your income and growing your assets. Be careful before making investments, though, that your tendency to believe others without question doesn’t get the better of you. Protect your privacy and remember that you can be social without sacrificing your need for solitude. Stay grounded so you can enjoy all the fun and good times that a Monkey year is likely to bring you.

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