A Decluttering Tip for Wealth

DeclutteringTips-007 Material Wealth belongs in life area 4: Wealth, Prosperity and Self-Worth. Because this life area is a consequence of the past, the greatest temptation for people is to get stuck in good moments of the past, hoping to go back to a “golden era,” instead of focusing on what is possible in the present. Many times, the past was not so great, except in our memories. So which is the type of clutter that blocks wealth the most? Can you guess?


Many of my clients dream of going back to a time when they were thinner — fit smaller clothes. They forget that in life you can never go back, you can only move forward. Even if you lose weight so you can fit in the clothes you wore 10 years ago, you won’t look the same. Time has passed and your body has changed, not necessarily for the worst. If you have stayed active and worked out regularly, you may be more muscular today than you were back then, for example.

The “trick” of buying an outfit in the size that you believe you want to fit, in order to motivate yourself to lose weight, usually does not work. In all my years as a Feng Shui consultant, I have only seen one client succeed in this, and this was an affluent client who paid a personal trainer to wake him up every morning at 5 AM.

Clothes influence wealth, because the same life area addresses your sense of self-worth.

Let go of any items of clothing that feel too tight or too loose. Keep in your closet only items that fit you right, right now.

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  1. I de cluttered my closet today, clothes bags shoes! I feel better already, now next will be my bedside table drawers and my makeup

  2. Interesting coincidence…our master bedroom is in Life area 4…and I definitely need to declutter my clothes closet! We have also had relationship challenges, is this related or might that be due also to our bathroom being located in Life area 8 and needing a cure?

    • It’s probably both. A master bedroom in life area 4 could mean arguments about money and wealth. Life area 8 is in the same axis as life area 2 so having the bathroom on 8 could be affecting two.

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