Feng Shui Horror


In some old Chinese movies, vampires are pictured as stiff, blind creatures who rely on their ability to sense the breath of their prey to track them.

These Chinese vampires do not walk, they hop! Chinese vampires are based on folk stories of Chinese “hopping ghosts,” which are described as a mixture of our Western vampires and zombies. They didn’t go after blood, but after chi.

Since flexibility is seen as a sign of life, any creature which has died would necessarily have to be stiff – hence the hopping, since walking would require flexibility in the knees.

In these Chinese vampire movies, the hopping vampires would go after their living relatives FIRST. The reason? Having been buried with BAD FENG SHUI.

These stories give you an idea of how important Feng Shui is considered in Asia, for the living and for the dead.

I used to dismiss the Asian custom of showing reverence to their ancestors as plain superstition, but when I learned about a number of healing therapies that work on the ancestral line of clients or patients, I started paying more attention:

  • Homeopathy talks about “miasms” or inherited patterns of disease, that include physical symptoms, emotional disturbances and negative thought patterns.
  • Enric Corbera, a Spanish healer, practices what he calls “Transgenerational Psychology,” which tracks current ailments to things that happened to ancestors.
  • Bert Hellinger, with a similar approach, is having success with his “Family Constellations” program.

More recently, a study was published that shows that people can suffer from emotional and mental issues that they inherited from ancestors who experienced any kind of trauma. For example, children of people in the USA who lived through the depression, show some of the same emotional problems that their parents did regarding scarcity and fear. Children of World War II survivors experience part of the post traumatic syndromes that their progenitors experienced before they were born. These traits were found to be passed on THROUGH DNA!

In the second part of the Teleclass The Path to Forgive, we recognize that forgiveness comes through personal healing, and that personal healing necessarily must include healing the ancestral lines. For this reason, we included two amazing tools for participants:

  1. A Feng Shui cure to heal your ancestral lines. (provided by Moni)
  2. Guided Native American Vision Quests to heal the family lines. (provided by Stephana)

Previous participants in the class have given us fantastic feedback on these tools.

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