Feng Shui Bed and Desk

If you have a bedroom in the home where the bed has to share the space with a desk, which one should have the power position?

This is the question one of my subscribers on YouTube asked some time ago. I created a video to answer this question, and it has gotten over 33,900 views!

It “hit” me the other day, that I have never shared this video with my email list or blog, so here it is for you to watch.

Ah, let me remind you, you should not have a desk in the master bedroom, if you can avoid it, because it kills passion!


  1. Some folks have asked if the advice to use a mirror to be able to see the door when lying on the bed, contradicts the advice to have a mirror in front of the bed, or the advice to have a mirror in front of the door. The way reflections work, for the mirror to allow the person to see the door, the mirror would have to be placed on the opposite wall, in between the bed and the door. You can see in the graphic shown in the video, that the mirror is placed in front of the night stand and not in front of the bed or in front of the door.

  2. about the second case when you put mirror.Is it right to put a mirror facing the bed or the door?

  3. Please see my comment above.

  4. Is it better to sage smudge my house before the new year or on New Year’s Day

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