8 Reasons Why You Want Me to Feng Shui Your Home on Facebook


When I first started doing Feng Shui consultations, I had this fear that I might never see the client again and so I might not get to give them all the Feng Shui advice they needed. For this reason, I left them with a humongous “laundry list” of things to do. Clients picked and chose to do the tasks that seemed easier or most attractive to them, often ignoring the most important things that needed to be done.

That didn’t work so well,
so then I decided that I would split consultations into three visits, each visit dealing with three steps in the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System. The system is synergistic after all, so doing things in the right order really matters. This worked better, but often clients took a long time to complete tasks. Some still felt overwhelmed, even with a small to-do list –because they did not take good notes during the consultation.

To assist clients in their process, I started video-recording my advice during consultations and saving it to private YouTube videos so they could refer to the videos and know what to do. Some clients still took a long time completing tasks. Some over a year!

Fast forward to today,
and I have finally found the ideal way to do Feng Shui consultations, and that is: I only give clients one task at a time, and hold further advice hostage until clients can show me that they completed the previous task.

I love it. Clients love it. With this new, more effective way to do Feng Shui consultations, Facebook is an ideal vehicle for exchange of information during consultations.

Right now I am assisting clients via long distance consultations in: Washington State, Oregon, California, Montana, South Carolina, New York State, Saudi Arabia, and Knoxville, Tennessee. Yes, I do live in Knoxville, Tennessee, but it is so much better for me and for clients to do this long distance.

To check prices or order a Feng Shui Consultation for Your Home, please click here.

Here Are 8 Good Reasons why you would want me to Feng Shui Your Home on Facebook, even if you live in the same town as me:

1 Privacy

As soon as the client makes the payment on my website, I create a closed Facebook group for the client and me and send the link for the client to join. All they have to do is click on the link and request to join. As soon as I approve them, I change the group settings to “secret” so that no one but the client and me can see any of the posts or even know the group exists. You don’t even have to become my friend on Facebook. (but if you want to, of course I’ll say yes.)

2 No Wait Time

Once the group setting is set to “secret” the client can proceed to upload the floor plan of their home and we can get started. On the same day, I take a look at the floor plan and let the client know which photos I am going to need. As soon as I see those photos uploaded, I can give the client their first Feng Shui task.

3 No Need to Clean Up

Even though I used to warn my clients to not clean up their homes as if they were having company before their consultation, most of them did. They felt embarrassed to let me see their home the way it looked on a regular basis. However, it is essential for me to see in which life areas and rooms clutter and messes accumulate. Clients feel more comfortable sending me photos of their home as-is than having me visit it in person.

4 One Task at a Time

Instead of leaving clients with a list of things to accomplish, I only give them one task at a time. When the client completes that task to Feng Shui satisfaction, I give them their next task. With this system, there is absolutely no overwhelm!

5 Real Time Feedback

In the past, sometimes weeks would go by, or even months, before I became aware that a client had not understood how to choose or place a Feng Shui cure. With this new system of doing consultations in a secret Facebook group, clients can show me what they have done right away, and (unless I am sleeping, driving or eating) I can give them immediate feedback on the cure or how they are implementing the cure. I LOVE it when clients go shopping for art or furniture and upload a photo to the Facebook group via their smart phone, so I can check their choice before they buy it. No doubts and no need for returns!

6 Easy to Use

With Facebook, it is extremely easy to upload photos and floor plans to the group. Clients can take pictures with their smart phones and upload them instantly to the group.

7 Inexpensive

I love doing consultations in this way so much that it doesn’t even feel like work! For this reason I am charging much less than I used to charge when I visited clients’ homes in person (hundreds of dollars per hour!) Now a consultation gives clients access to me for a whooping 9 weeks! Go to this page and scroll down to find the home description that most closely matches that of your own home to see how much a consultation would run for you.

Consulting has become a lot easier for me and at the same time more effective AND cost-effective for clients. A win/win/win!

8 Review

At any time, day or night, clients can go back to the group and review their consultation. Clients in different time zones, even clients who are at the other side of the world from me, can interact with me seamlessly with this new way to do consultations.

To check prices or order a Feng Shui Consultation for Your Home, please click here.


I am so tickled about it that I am teaching all new Nine Steps to Feng Shui® trainees how to consult with clients in this way. By the way, did you know that the Earth Level Feng Shui Consultant Training, where you learn how to Feng Shui homes, includes the Feng Shui of Your Own Home? Via Facebook, of course!





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