Declutter This One Drawer to Jump-Start Your Life!


Sometimes in life it feels like everything has gotten stuck in one place, and it seems impossible to move forward, but this simple Feng Shui task can put things in motion.

Let’s face it, decluttering is fashionable nowadays. You see articles on “how to get rid of clutter” everywhere! And people beat themselves up for their own clutter.

In the Nine Steps to Feng Shui® System, however, we seek to manage clutter because we understand that the production of clutter is a byproduct of living a full life, and because we know that holding on to clutter is a compensation for something else.

A Nine Steps to Feng Shui® Consultant does not push clients to get rid of all their clutter, but rather coaches clients to let go of their clutter on certain key places, some associated with safety, and some associated with stagnation of the life force (chi). After clients address these simple issues, they became able to declutter on their own timetable, and often much faster and with more ease that they would have expected.

In Feng Shui, we seek to free up stagnation to create a healthy home. The drawer in your home that holds the most stagnation, from the Feng Shui viewpoint, is the top drawer in your night stand. The drawer were you stick things you don’t know what to do with at night, or things that you are not sure you should keep, but can’t quite let go of.

Clients often find business cards of people who they cannot identify, invitations to events that happened long ago, keys for cars, homes and objects they no longer own…

To declutter this one drawer means taking a trip down memory lane, and in doing so you have the opportunity to let go of those emotions that no longer serve you.

So go take a look at the top drawer of your night stand, and see what you find, then, if you wish, come back to this page and share with me what realizations you had about your life.

Getting tips on decluttering is great!  Imagine how much better it would be to take a class!

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  1. I got a good giggle on this one. That drawer is about the only place in my house that tends to stay decluttered and organized! This drawer holds the things I need most when I’m in or on the bed or things I’m too lazy to go find: chapstick, Tylenol, hairbrush, eyeglass cleaner and case, manicure set, etc. If I’m on a long call (I know having electronics in the bedroom is not such a great idea), I will sit and sort out this drawer and return things that don’t belong there (bobby pins, loose change, random stuff) to their proper homes. Occasionally I do the same to the rest of the drawers in my night stand but I don’t have as quite a clear cut purpose for them.

    • That says good things about you, Jo! What about the top drawer in your low kitchen cabinets?

      • They aren’t TOO bad but I need to pull everything out and clean. And also polish my silver. I only have 3 top drawers so it really wouldn’t take that long. I just haven’t done it yet. Maybe I’ll get the motivation to do it, now!

  2. What would be the second most important drawer? I don’t have a nightstand.

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