Why more money won’t solve your problems, but you should learn how to get more of it anyway…


Most of my Feng Shui clients and students want me to help them make more money.

Just about all of the clients and students who ask me to help them Feng Shui their homes or businesses to make more money, follow the request with some justification:

  • I don’t want to be rich. I just want to not have to worry about money.
  • I don’t mean super wealthy, just to have enough for our needs every month, and maybe a little extra.
  • I don’t want to be ______________  (insert name of billionaire here) just to be comfortable and to have peace of mind.

If you have found yourself justifying your desire to make more money, I have good news and bad news for you:

  1. The good news is you can make more money and you do not need to justify your desire to make more money. It is not bad to want more money. You will not be punished for wanting it.
  2. The bad news is that having more money will not achieve for you ANY of the things you say you want to achieve:

In fact:

  • More money will not erase your worries (about money or anything else)
  • More money will not ensure that your needs are met, or that there is any extra left at the end of the month.
  • More money will not increase your comfort or give you peace of mind.

Of all my current and former clients, the one that worried most about money, had a net worth of over 8 million dollars. No amount of money could help her stop worrying about money, because she did not know how to handle it. She did not understand money or how it behaves. She was destined to always worry about it, for as long as she was unwilling to learn more about it.

Another former client, who is also worth millions, although not as many, will never have to worry about money. He never has, even at times when money used to be tight, because he understands money and knows how it behaves. When a money-making strategy does not work for him, he changes course, he changes strategies, in the same way a hunter would stalk its prey.

I have other clients who do not worry about money. Among them are: a school teacher, a retired librarian, an office manager — none of them are millionaires or have a trust fund.

Why don’t they worry about money? Two reasons:

  1. They understand where money comes from, and
  2. They know how to get it.

The truth is that a big focus of Feng Shui has always been money, because making more money has been a concern for people since money was invented.

Money is a representation of human chi, in other words, of people’s life force. Only people who do not “get” money (in a figurative way) speak ill of money. When people say, things like:

  • “Money is the source of evil.”
  • “Money corrupts people.”
  • “Money is dirty.”

… it is because they are completely disconnected from the harsh realities of living in the world before there was money. Just imagine that you had a sheep farm, and whenever you needed or wanted something you would have to take lots of wool with you in a truck and go knocking on your neighbors’ doors, or stop at every store on Main Street, hoping to find someone who has a surplus of that which you need or want AND who wants to trade it for wool. Think of the convenience of getting a paycheck or having money in the bank, and KNOWING that wherever you go, you can trade your money for the things and services you need or want. Money is a representation of energy — human energy — and if you hate or are afraid of money, you in fact hating or being afraid of human energy. That is no way to live.

Participants in the Magnificent Foyers, Successful Careers & Abundant Money Course learn how to manifest the money (or the resources) to pay for a training or for professional services. Fantastic things have happened:

  • One participant won an all-expenses-paid trip to Florida for the training she wanted to take.
  • One participant found out that, hidden in her home were valuable objects that she was ready to let go of and, if sold, would generate more money than she needed for the course she wanted to take.
  • Two participants got unexpected contracts for the work they do, which would more than cover the payments for professional services or courses they wanted to get.
  • One participant found a professional that did the work she needed to have done for less than one third of the price she was originally quoted.

These things happened as participants did their homework and placed in their homes very specific Feng Shui cures that I designed for them in the course.

The above is just a sampler of the many blessings that participants in the Magnificent Foyers, Successful Careers & Abundant Money Course have gotten. The biggest blessing, however, is that they are raising their vibration. By raising their vibration, they are generating better luck in all areas of life. Find out more about this course here.

Yes, there are bad things people do with money, and there are bad things people do for money. This happens because some people think that by controlling money they can control the energy that money represents — other people’s life force. (In reality they cannot! We will talk about this in the course.)

Yes, at some future time, humanity may find a better way to exchange people’s chi than money, but for right now, if you don’t create a good relationship with money for you and your family, you will always worry about money. Click here to join the Feng Shui Manifesting Course for Career and Money.


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