Have you heard of Wu-Wei? The art of Not-Doing.

Wu-Wei is the Asian art of not-doing or non-action. This does not mean that Wu-Wei proposes living a life of complete laziness, or failing to take action when action is necessary, but rather it suggests that we tune into the Tao and the Universal winds and currents, to know when to act, effortlessly, in a way that is natural and uncontrived — letting go of the need to control everything.

There are several aspects to Wu Wei:
1 – Engaging in effortless action.
2 – Non-action, being able to be at peace while not doing anything.
3 – Refraining from action when it is not convenient.
4 – Delaying action until the circumstances are favorable.
5 – An internal knowing of whether an action is in alignment with your life path.

In Feng Shui, action cannot be separated from decision, so decision is part of Wu-Wei — whether you engage in an action or not, it needs to be from an internal decision, not from avoiding making decisions.

Wu-Wei speaks of the effortless action that happens as a consequence of expertise. For example, a martial artist may experience Wu-Wei while fighting an opponent or during a practice, knowing what to do or what not to do at any given moment, using the path of least resistance, and using the force of the opponent, but this can only happen because of the thousands of hours spent in practice. Likewise, calligraphers and painters are able to use their brushes with spontaneity only after they have spent many hours learning how to use their materials and practicing.

The same applies to a life well lived. Through Feng Shui, you learn to take the right actions to guide your life in a way that allows you to fulfill your potential, to be everything you can be.

Wu-Wei also applies to a business well run, especially if that business is aligned with your life mission or life purpose, that which you came to do. 

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