A BMW for the price of a Ford?


When the late Steve Jobs returned to Apple computers after he had been ousted by the CEO he chose (former CEO of Pepsi), the first thing he did was to launch a new line of computers, called the iMac, which was sold at a significantly lower price than previous models. Apple computers suddenly became affordable for many people who previously had thought they were prohibitive.

In an interview Jobs said, โ€œYou can now get a Mercedes or a BMW for the price of a Ford.โ€

I have always been fascinated by the idea of giving incredible value for affordable prices, and have often wondered how to bring this concept into my Feng Shui business.

Years ago, business consultants and coaches, after careful analysis of my courses and services, had recommended that I set a minimum cost of $1350 for a full Feng Shui consultation. Mind you, that was the minimum cost, what they considered was the lowest I should charge for simply leaving my home and visiting the home of a client for a few hours.

I understood their analysis, and their numbers, and all their arguments, but I could not help thinking, โ€œHow many people can afford $1350 (or more!) for a Feng Shui consultation?

I wanted Feng Shui to serve everyone:

  • the very wealthy business owner and the guy who just started a business as a solopreneur;
  • the pampered housewife and the single mom who struggles to make ends meet;
  • the trust fund gal and the college student working two jobs on the side.

Over the years, I have been looking for ways in which I could use technology to reduce the time it takes me to do a consultation, while at the same time providing more value to clients, so I could offer consultations for lower prices. In the past few months, technology has finally caught up with my desires and aspirations. With current technology, I do not even need to be present physically in the home to get a good reading of a home. All I need is a floor plan and a few photographs, a video, or a live video call where you hold a mobile device and show me around. Learn More…

I have finally figured out how to use technology to not just offer you a BMW for the price of a Ford, but a Ferrari for the price of a Ford.

Technology now allows me to offer you the best services possible, for an affordable fee, and work with you in a way that makes it easy for you to make progress with the Feng Shui of your home.

If you checked my prices last year, you will see that I am now charging for the full Nine Steps to Feng Shui Consultation the amount I used to charge for just the first three stages! Prices range from $90 for the consultation of just one room in the home, or a home comprised of just one room (such as a dorm room) to $810 for a four bedroom house, with three floors, and a pool or water behind the home.ย  Check out my new Home Consultations Page to see how much a consultation for your home would cost.

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